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Top 10 Chemical companies in the world in 2018

Top 10 Chemical companies in the world in 2018

Since centuries, Chemicals square measure being employed by man. The sole distinction is that the chemicals being employed within the 21st century have a good scope of use as compared to those chemicals used throughout the 19th century.
A century ago, herbicides weren’t notable and possibly 3 centuries back, farm pesticides weren’t notable. Today, chemical firms square measure rising as among the worldwide economic movers. As a result, there has been associate inflated competition inside this sector. Below square measure the highest 10 chemical firms within the world in 2018.

1) Akzo Nobel N.V.

To paint your Projects, you would like pretty paints made by an organization that paints a reasonably image. Akzo philanthropist is simply that company. It’s the biggest paint manufacturer within the world however doesn’t simply stop at that. Akzo philanthropist conjointly manufactures chemicals and produces salt. It’s 3 main divisions namely: The ornamental paints division, Performance Coatings primarily for the marine, automotives, industrial & packaging coatings and last the Specialty Chemicals segments for useful chemicals (crop nutrients & flame retardants), surfactants, industrial chemicals (chlor-alkalis & salt), pulp and specialty starches etc.


Number one on the list of the highest 10 chemical corporations within the world in 2018 is BASF SE. This can be the most important chemical producer within the world, serving a minimum of 300,000 customers across the world. BASF operates through a complete of 5 segments namely: Chemicals, Performance product, Oil & Gas, useful Materials & Solutions and Agricultural Solutions.

Its product at intervals the Agricultural Solutions phase square measure pesticides, fungicides, and herbicides. useful Materials & Solutions phase brings to United States industrial coatings, catalysts, and battery materials whereas vitamins &food additives, paper, oil & gas trade product and dispersions & pigments square measure made by the Performance product phase. Oil & Gas phase is devoted to exploration & production, with the Chemicals phase giving the market with plasticizers, solvents and electronic chemicals.

3) Linde AG

Linde is one in every of the foremost formidable firms within the gas and engineering sectors, with its presence being notable in a minimum of one hundred countries. One in every of its segments-the gases segment- maintains four main merchandise of Cylinder, health care, on-site and bulk gases. The engineering sector on the opposite facet builds method plants for the gas producing industries, pharmaceutical firms, and organic compound industries.

4) The Dow Chemical Company

Dow Chemical Company may be a formidable force within the integrated production of agrochemicals, chemicals, plastics and hydrocarbons. It’s the most important USA chemical manufacture company and solely comes second to BASF within the list of the highest 10 chemical corporations within the world in 2018.

The company conjointly manufactures performance plastics like polyurethanes, engineering plastics and alternative such like materials for the Dow Automotives. Dow employs the employment of organic compound and chlorine-based raw materials within the manufacture of a minimum of 6000 finished product in 35 countries.

It is prime producer of hydroxide and atomic number 17 furthermore as being a top producer of vinyl chloride chemical compound, gas bichloride and Styrofoam insulation among alternative product.

5) SABIC Innovative Plastics US

This company is among the highest 10 chemical corporations within the world in 2018 once it involves the assembly of superior polymers that ar utilized within the manufacture of workplace instrumentation, natural philosophy, automotive product, and computers.

The company owns different chemical production units like Lexan Brand-the Specialty Film & Sheet that deals in polycarbonate sheet & film. It conjointly owns Polymershapes, a distributor of wrap, tube, and sheet. Lastly, SABIC owns Resins-a company attributable for manufacturing all manner of plastic resins. SABIC IP may be a prime engineering thermoplastics producer.

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6) Evonik Industries

Evonik Industries is one among the leading producers of Specialty chemicals within the world. The corporate has interests during a variety of business areas as well as chemicals, realty, and energy further as mining operations that are administered by RAG-Evonik’s subsidiary. The Specialty chemical section includes 6 main business units namely: shopper specialties, Advanced Intermediates, Inorganic Materials, Coatings & Additives, Performance Polymers and Health & Nutrition.

7) Asahi Kasei Corporation

Asahi discovered simply the foremost acceptable chemistry for the japanese markets, specified it’s been ready to become not solely among the highest chemical manufacturers in Japan however additionally within the world.

Asahi Kasei operates in 6 sections that embody its chemicals segment, homes section that deals in ready-made homes, fibers unit, and construction materials division, medical merchandise and electronic materials. Asahi’s chemical and prefab segments accounts for pretty much three-quarters of the company’s sales. Its chemical unit principally offers the market with plastics, fertilizers and different chemicals.

8) DuPont

Du Pont Delaware Nemours and Company was based as a powder mill however has nowadays varied to variety of chemical segments. DuPont’s main chemical product embrace Corian,Kalrez, Kevlar, Kapton, Mylar, Nylon, Nomex, Orlon, Sorona, Rayon, Tedlar, Tyvek, Vespel, Zytel and Zodiaq.
The company additionally developed polymers like Teflon, Vespel, neoprene, Tyvek, Lycra, M5 fiber, Zemdrain, Corfam, and Sorina. DuPont is acknowledge for its development of Freon- a greenhouse gas that’s employed in refrigeration still because the development of artificial pigments & paints like ChromaFlair etc.

9) Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings

The Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation may be a Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings Corporation’s phase that’s to blame for the operation of the company’s basic and petrochemicals businesses. The corporate puts plenty of stress on innovation and property.

Among Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation’s product embrace polyolefins like synthetic resin, polypropene, pure terephthalic acid, and polycarbonate. Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings is dominant in Japan and additionally incorporates a formidable presence within the USA, Europe, and Asia. To push Mitsubishi’s chemical agenda any, the corporate has 2 different chemical units namely: Mitsubishi Plastics and Mitsubishi Tanabe pharmaceutical company, the latter being a prescription drugs maker.

10) Air Liquide

Air Liquide has been ready to stand the tests of your time and competition to emerge jointly of the highest 10 chemical corporations within the world in 2018. Additionally to chemicals, the corporate additionally has interests in engineering and health care.

Air Liquide could be a provider of commercial gasses services to variety of industries at intervals the electronic producing sector, chemical manufacture and medical sectors. With operations in over eighty countries, Air Liquide is that the largest international industrial gas provider by revenue.

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