Underwater Shark Jet Ski

he’s really a best on the planet stream skier and fly fringe I’m in acceptable hands I figure hi ameliorated a the old Buffett supercar blondie level it’s likewise in the charger recipe group so pontoon dashing the ones that goes excessively quick and afterward really flip over in reverse those ones man is going to get in the driver’s seat in any case express gratitude toward God and give me how this thing functions this is how much five-star administration here what else would you expect in Dubai right thought is this practical at all is this only for looks this is for looks right better believe it this is no doubt looks and this is all transparent really you can see it here come around over the top base you can perceive how you can see down through the base through the shark jaws and these balances are not only for looks these are the things that really control where you’re going so down or up and afterward you have the motor here 350 so on the off chance that I needed to purchase this one definitely alright hundred thousand dollars for this present that is it that is a costly jetski is it for 300 strength jetski you most likely get it for around 20,000 US dollars this present one’s around a hundred thousand US dollars.

the thing that matters is this can accomplish such a great deal more this can plunge go up down around or it can really do three it does 360 better believe it I heard so the f16 like a contender stream has this equivalent sparkle it’s made by a similar organization their rear end one framework on the off chance that you jump a lot accidentally or whatever yes it’s a stop adventure and take all of you alright so what’s the most extreme you can jump two meters alright and afterward it will turn off the motor bring you back up to the surface alright express gratitude toward God for that huh here’s the Kilauea gracious that is cold so this one the best one free yes Roley Wow this is the shades of the UAE banner you folks goodness this is pleasant how about we talk about speed here right now inept young lady blondie Channel how quick would it be able to go this would be reasonable that resembles going down Sheik Zayed Road like the principle expressway in Dubai 100 kilometers an hour OK simple slipping into too cool ah this is considerably more troublesome yet a hustling fair supervisor it’s altogether different do you realize it presumably seems as though nothing from the outside except for when you’re in here and you’re completely stayed in a shark or a stellar whale.

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it feels altogether different no doubt so we attempted to do a 360 yet I don’t think we have enough speed insufficient speed directly on the waves definitely so 360 is better when there’s relatively few waves it’s level so in any case we got up and afterward I think we turned as far as possible or now this – yes handle for the Rings no doubt no doubt goodness the dark field fly ranch 3 link going to you turn it left and straight all over you know moving in spite of the fact that what hold up I was told there’d just resemble two things on the feet two things here however now there’s four things here and three things on the feet alright turn over the motor alright yes one a greater amount of them forward alright no doubt no doubt mr. APIs said forties drives fundamentally OK definitely sure so am I the principal lady should drive this and partition well alright OK no weight and this cell phone has no different capacities aside from taking great selfies yet Instagram better believe it no we’re talking no doubt no doubt of a sound framework goodness that is cool see you all look it controls and afterward you have rented to talk you realize it was the motors directly behind your head so now you simply get a subwoofer also to the head to the motor clamor both of us was shouting he wasn’t so cool possibly there’s been gracious thank you just more exercises man that is excessively cool like in the event that you can really do their 360 like we just went as an afterthought however in karma waters you can truly do the entire 360 thank all of you right that is it folks I trust you loved the video go get manis and love his Instagram handle simple Matt the.


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