This SUV transforms! Renault Morphoz

I truly just flew in the previous evening we have a stunning vehicle plan for you today and we’re on our way there right presently it’s quite cool came out look see Lee it resembles I can pull the TV up here well ah there’s me on screen energizing stuff are your preferred channels goodness my most loved at whatever point I’m not recording YouTube I’m watching my own YouTube incredible today isn’t it we’re going to seek after some begun in the downpour so we can take this vehicle outside and give it somewhat of a go this is consistently the issue is shooting in Europe Dubai it’s consistently radiant we come here and we simply need to petition God for a break in downpour so we can accomplish our shoot this vehicle behind us is insane okay this vehicle accomplishes something that you’ve never observed a vehicle do watch what happens blast now you have a lengthened variant of a similar vehicle that is enormously so now.

 what you can do is you can fit in an entire additional battery pack their thought is they would have these little stages renault stages around the city where you simply drive onto the stage surprisingly fast your battery pack will be set into the vehicle and off you go again which gives you more force and additional range it goes from 400 kilometer range to 700 kilometer go now you can take those family trips like end of the week trips away and so forth and afterward in the back what it’s done is this entire part has stretched out which gives you more extra space for the travelers secondary lounge travelers and now you can fit in two additional bags in the back this is a vehicle from Renault as should be obvious here and it’s really called morphus perceive how they have this extremely brilliant yellow shading here they’ve done that deliberately in light of the fact that that is the manner in which you can see that this vehicle really moves if everything was in silver or dark you could never see that the last part moves at all equivalent with this thing here this comes out and afterward vanishes when the back end moves in around here on the front look this is the place everything is being cooled they’ve really placed these occasions in here that really attempts to consider the radio and radiator and afterward the radiator calls all the batteries.

the working pieces and pieces that go into an electric engine right they really have a ruler here on head of the vehicle that shows you exactly how much it’s reached out by this front segment stretches out by 25 centimeters and afterward the back reaches out by another 15 centimeters alright should we get by they way you get into this vehicle it has facial acknowledgment that is it’s this bit directly here and afterward it likewise has motion control to open up the entryway so it just got the chance to do this alright come take a gander at this we’ll open up the back in light of the fact that this is very cool they’re utilizing this sort of realistic workmanship again here inside on the off chance that you take a gander at the floor from this course my bearing you have a dark floor and afterward you circumvent the other way and you have a totally yellow floor on top they’re really made of reused yogurt cups they’re considering reusable materials for the future when this vehicle is in its long structure adaptation look what befalls the front seat it’s presently confronting the back travelers now this is anything but another idea we have seen.

 this before where the seat goes to confront the back travelers yet I’ve never observed it in reality simply turn over and this part here where your legs were is currently really your headrest that is a serious cool move I think and what they’re attempting to do here is on longer outings you can sort of have to a greater degree a family feel you can stay here and visit to your children or talk to your mates when you’re on these long excursions OK there’s more cool stuff watch this wood here this entire board is made of wood I’m demonstrating what that looks what this wood can do so the wood sort of like sucks your telephone into the vehicle which is very cool I’ve never witnessed that either so what happens is it perceives your telephone and afterward this entire front board opens up so you can either have it in this exceptionally attentive sort of structure with nothing there or up this you have numerous screens before you now this really interfaces with your schedule and your plan in your telephone and it at that point knows precisely what you’re doing that day we’re going to go for a drive momentarily.

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I simply need to show you my view this is what it looks like you’re in the way in the driver’s seat this is the guiding wheel it looks sort of cool it has these little lights sort of Star Trek lights everything can be controlled on the directing wheel you have nothing else here other than your telephone and that is it only a quickening agent and a brake pedal this vehicle really drives I’m going to take it out only for a tad of a turn like in any medium by anybody OK leaving unbiased and afterward into drive OK off you go the streams somewhat noisy on the grounds that we’re in a structure studio outside now the vehicle has a scope of 700 kilometers and it likewise has more force from the additional batteries that have been fitted down here look I can see its appearance here it’s provocative I truly like it now Lawrence is here the head of plan feretto greetings how are you ideal to see you great to see you here definitely in another idea vehicle .

I’m here astounded sir Lawrence is the main fashioner at Renault and one of the sets of expectations is to coordinate your shoes to the vehicle of the day which he has wonderfully done I can’t trust you do that well it takes a ton of work you know it’s really harder work than doing the vehicle that is the reason he shakes up at early afternoon consistently so he should have coordinating his shoes last time we were with Lawrence we’re really looking at the Renault Tresor in the event that you haven’t yet observed that video go look at it in the event that you haven’t seen it you are passing up a great opportunity folks the title of that video is the most delightful vehicle on the planet and it is so go click on that video the connection to the video is in the depiction just underneath this video go look at it directly after this okay so here we are in your no doubt and us child themed office better believe it and it sort of does what it says on the tin it transforms like it’s franticness no doubt on the grounds that the families are changing so regularly the present we thought about a vehicle that can change as per the need so you have no limitations in case you’re on a long excursion you include a few batteries you need some more baggage space you need some more space really to appreciate and share each other’s organization no doubt.



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