The World's First Hermes Edition Pagani!

this resembles a Hermes sack on wheels it costs an additional 800,000 dollars just to get the extra Emma’s calfskin specifying in this vehicle what’s up folks at supercar blondie thank you kindly for going along with me any place you’re viewing from around the globe love you all not terrible, but not great either much on the off chance that you haven’t yet bought in yet this is where you get the opportunity to see the craziest vehicles so hit the buy in button right presently like the video it was less more to give you right how about we get to it please I’m going to put the key this is the vehicle key I’m going to put this on the seat for the second so you simply fix this little clasp and afterward this red switch here now look at what’s in here this you won’t see on some other Pagani on the planet this here is a custom Hermes back you realize Hermes right it resembles one of the most rich marks on the planet a portion of their sacks the Birkins for instance on the off chance that you get a Birkin you could be on stand-by for quite a long time to get one of those sacks about $12,000 this pack here expenses $60,000 simply this one sack in this starting now the motivation behind why there is this pack in here is on the grounds that this is one of one Pagani Huayra MS Edition the proprietor is Manny Kaufman and what he did is he collaborated with Pagani purchased this vehicle and afterward said I don’t need simply like a Pagani Huayra.

I need to totally decked this vehicle out wrecked you look how these sparkles like nothing else in the daylight this chocolaty goodness here is another two Hermes sacks in this little spread and behind the driver’s seat too this entire inside is finished by Hermes you purchase a Pagani Huayra it costs standard more than two million dollars then you get additional this additional that from Pagani itself which I’ll show you in a second however then to collaborate with an entire other brand to deck out your vehicle is practically unthinkable so Manny went down to his like neighborhood Hermes store envision you know you simply go down to the nearby shopping center you’re strolling and you state hello so I’ve recently purchased a Pagani can you all like you know take it out for me they’re similar to sorry we’ve never done that so as to persuade them to do this he really needed to fly over the MS architects he flew more than three originators to the processing plant this here is for the most part in like a sort of a work now on this one you will see here is a H for M is so this is thoroughly has been completely upgraded for cash and his exceptional Hermes Edition it’s here on the front too these little H’s wherever so just to get your hands on one of these vehicles is very excessively restrictive you have to have an individual relationship with horacio pagani with the producer and the proprietor of Pagani so just to get your hands on one is insane and afterward to have the option to persuade one regarding the biggest most extravagant brands on the planet Hermes to work with you and make a coincidental Pagani is somewhat awesome other than.

 the entire Hermes thing which is fantastic on its own this vehicle has a tempesta bundle that is something that you can pick into when you purchase a Pagani Huayra and I’m demonstrating what that incorporates directly here this front splitter here the wheels are likewise greater so you have a one inch greater here on the front and here on the back you have rather than the standard 20-inch you have twenty one inch tires here on the back you likewise get this cool back diffuser this one here this is the v12 twin turbo from AMG it’s a 6 liter v12 twin turbo and it produces more than 700 torque an aside and afterward here he is really marked at himself all that you take a gander at here the entirety of this cowhide is high quality in Paris at herm├Ęs and what they needed to do was for instance here on the entryway these locks these vouchers from Pagani they needed to send them to the manufacturing plant in Paris so they could fit the entirety of the calfskin around the body of the vehicle and afterward send it back to the started a production line so everything could meet up only the sheer size of coordinations in something like this is staggering it even has Hermes Paris on the apparatus switch and here you have the official plaque Pagani Huayra on the off chance that you’ve never observed a Pagani key is the coolest thing ever it would seem that the vehicle a few people would state gimmicky I would state truly cool since why not and afterward in the event that you simply remove the front of the vehicle that is what the key resembles sort of like a little USB stick and afterward you should opening that in here the vehicle at first lights up and we’ll get cash here and afterward we’ll turn our on about this resembles a Hermes pack on wheels it costs an additional 800,000 dollars just to get the extra Emma’s cowhide enumerating in this vehicle cash I was so energized this is cash everybody cash Cosmin my pleasure I’m certain you are aware of him as of now on the off chance that you don’t simply look at him here is handles on the screen and this is one of his wonders how could you pick.

 this shading since this resembles this resembles chocolate fondue like a wellspring where you push the cries in fluid chocolate no doubt so this really was picked by Hermes I needed initially uncovered carbon fiber like my other my Bugatti of uncovered carbon fiber no doubt with gold and I needed this carbon fiber with orange better believe it so like that sack you know compartment there definitely yet hermes says no in case we’re going to put our name on it we need to call the shading and we’re known for earthy colored initially when hundred years prior they begin making cowhide for horse saddle no doubt it was that cowhide this is simply insane you all since like in case you’re placing in a great many dollars into purchasing a vehicle right you’d imagine that you have the power over where I don’t there’s a taking off child he’s on this vehicle for what three years no doubt he is and he’s decided on this compartment following three years how does the name is variant sandwich in here like I overlook I mean it is French the brand so you can simply heft around a loaf with you wherever you go are you messing with me what number pack is this now this is I don’t know nine Emmys packs OK I don’t know Oh same God help us its peril risk thank you Amani is the primary man on the planet to have more Hermes packs and his significant other I surmise so I damn he fortunate the inquiry is Manny yes would we be able to please go for Drive totally I’d truly get the chance to drive my vehicle so when I get out beautiful to drive it gracious my god really you make it Dolly’s insane the first run through would it be in the traveler’s pattern that is a distraught white it has nobody else driven this vehicle I don’t accept so no nobody that strikes a chord it just has 100 miles on it so it hasn’t been driven much in three years that is insane there we go when you purchase a vehicle like this you have to likewise get an aide just to close the entryways for you basically no doubt does the associate accompany the vehicle or junior work on bouncing since.

 you need to hop up to get that hook yet don’t stress I’m a refined man you truly need to occupation to get these entryways there’s no simple route around it consider all to be it’s as the wings here and in the event that you circumvent the front you’re going to see all the little front wings playing and truly cool outfit like it’s an extremely profound sort of deafening no doubt that resembles Kenya make sauce he has a storm no bundle so it accompanies a concealed unique fumes that you’ve seen each insane around there was her like one excuse you could pay today so on the off chance that I had enough I would get precisely what you sold the Agera R Oh snow moves my preferred vehicle my outright most loved vehicle to drive clovis are you driven no doubt I completely cherished it I don’t feel awful indeed no it was flawless my Phoenix resembled 24 karat gold goodness my god expresses gratitude toward you cash anything goodness it’s my pleasure thing me and having us here in your carport this is extremely uncommon folks too extraordinary access to have the option to take out this you know multi-million dollar one of one Pagani offer us a speedy go-ahead for the video like the channel and furthermore look at Manny’s channel obviously and we’re going to see you on the following vid so what other place on the planet I think for the time being around you know yes elsewhere okay folks love you bye.


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