we’re on the Hennessy stand at the Geneva Motor Show we’re going to take a good look at the venom f5 the beast that lies under that cover and will be shown around it in person by John Hennessy himself so I’m looking forward to seeing this in a lot of detail let’s get the covers off and check it out it’s time then to see the car so let us have the cover off the venom f5 look at that next level spaceship this is incredible let’s just walk around have a quick Hoover pube the car my goodness look at the design the triple exhaust in the center at the rear the way the wings shaped over the sculptures of the arches bright striking yellow on this as well this is incredible tux down towards the front end there the splitter down at the bottom intakes for cooling you can see right we need to learn a little bit more about this car and to do so let’s find the man himself so here we are how are you doing good service awesome to be here with you I can imagine it must be quite exciting being here at the Geneva Motor Show yeah the Geneva Motor Show is kinda like the Super Bowl of hyper cars yeah I thought many years ago we had a special car to unveil this would be the place to do it well it looks amazing the car is here that’s about it tell us a bit more what are we looking at you know so Hennessey Venom of five people maybe bred over the last few months but it’s so cool to be here in Geneva because this is the one place where you can look at our car and then look at in context how does this car measure up to the other world’s greatest cars just down the aisle you’ve got you got it with the Chiron and maybe a special variation that they may show up tomorrow Christian von Koenigsegg saw his wife earlier today yeah Monta remac with his cool stuff Pagani dis down the aisle so I feel very honored to be here for the first time and to be representing an American company with an American – our brand you know some of my wife earlier was were walking around I thought you know what I think outside of four were the only other American company that there is show maybe there’s a few others something.

         I’m not thinking about but FCA is Fiat Chrysler now so it’s very cool to be here with the Fi love to shares many details with you and your followers as a fan today for sure well obviously this is the first time I’ve seen your car you presented it at the SEMA show right you know quite a different show itself but I totally defer my first observation or instinct is it’s quite a diminutive packages quite neatly wrapped around yeah I mean basically you know the when we built the venta many years ago that was kind of our first putting our toe into the water of building a hypercar and that part we started with the Lotus Exige the Lotus Elise chassis and we had some success at the car we sold cars up to 70 set a guinness world record but again it wasn’t our own car and so we felt like when the venneman 5 our next part is we’re going to build we wanted to build from the ground up its own unique car at the same time we wanted to take the great things about the venom gt and that included the footprint so dimensionally front to back the width the track are very similar with the with the venom gt was and so we took that goodness and built our car around that footprint and so the package that you see in terms of the length the width and the track of the car again we evolved from that from that starting point okay so tell me from the basics what do we have back here what’s powering this well so well I’ll give you I’ll give you a scoop yeah so my guys are like you know boss you need this share a little bit more information with the people of Geneva and I thought okay I really wanted to wait and save the the engine details for the Pebble Beach and we will save the nitty-gritty details for Pebble Beach but this is going to be powered by an eight liter v8 with at least two turbos okay and that’s fine I said it’ll be at least 1600 horsepower 1600 O’s back right and rear engine I’m sorry mid-engine rear-wheel drive and with all the good you know goodness of traction control that this car without traction control will probably spin the tires at 100 so the lead track.

        I can imagine yeah it’s got michelin’s on it that’s what we’ll run for our when we get into our ice be testing and I think I mean there’s a lot that we could talk about the car but I think you cannot be able to give out a ton of details about the engine other than it’s making a lot of power the big news about the car to me or is the aerodynamics of the car mhm so the venom gt when that car ran 270 and had a coefficient of drag of point four four yeah this car is 0.33 that’s by significant so it’s basically like adding 25% more power to the car yeah so I think that’s the important news it’s also going to be under 3,000 pounds away okay the power-to-weight ratio is you know really I’m not gonna say it’s the best and the highest because now is somebody pull a rabbit out of their hat tomorrow maybe maybe they’ll challenge that but you know it’s arguably one of the best in the market so talking a little bit about the aerodynamic side and maybe we just start right around the Frogger through obviously very slippery through the air and take to the cooling yeah and you see some interesting pieces just sort of right here in front of the wheel arch for example the way you’re cutting in half route yeah I mean there’s a lot going on I mean you’ve obviously got the splitter which was designed for very low drag you’ve got the air the channels through the center the nose of the car and the intercooler is just right there where the where the ductwork is just in front it cow and so that air channels right through there the intercoolers it’s a pretty good sized piece you have to keep that charger cool going into the big motor in the back and then you’ve got the separate ducts right here for the radiators yep and then you’ve got a little winglet on the end there that basically improves airflow around the wheel and tire then you’ve got your the mirrors we went through 20 different iterations of the mirror design and the mirrors basically this is the lowest drag configuration that we could come up with okay yeah and then on the ductwork on this particular side this goes to the transmission and differential cooler on the other side it’s a little cooler for the motor okay the inlet air duct here for the the NACA duct for the air going to the engine going to the air filter then the turbos and then out the back side you’ve got the ventilation coming out of the engine compartment from the rear hatch and then you’ve got as much open space here to evacuate engine temperature the road then the diffuser design we went through a lot of different designs and are in our CFD calculations this was the best setup that we could come up with for the lowest amount of drag okay we could we could create more downforce if we wanted to we could have a high downforce package yeah and that’s something that maybe we may look at doing down the road but as far as for clients that want a very comfortable Road car with a potential 300 mile per hour capability this is the lowest drag package that we could come up with I mean that’s a very interesting balance you have to work out this at the end of the day attention to 300 mile an hour top speed is a very serious very territory in Game four but I mean look at it’s quite complex in terms of the fields and thoughts but something that I particularly like actually is the the rear lights just looking at them here yeah I mean it’s something that again you know when I work with the design team I said look the bottom line for the look of this car the look is irrelevant it’s all about you touch me but I say at the same time I really don’t want anybody saying hand the car looks like this and the car looks like that yeah it’s hard to do it’s and in this day and age I mean there’s only so many different ways to show and design the car it’s supposed to if it says ultra performance in mind so yeah just the details the taillights the mirrors you know the way that you have the the contrasting bars that kind of go for the shape of gas yeah the roofline I think the design team did a really nice job another interesting aspect that you notice from back here is how high.

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          I guess obviously point over the top of the front arch right yeah must give you I imagine a sensation when you’re sitting inside right great visibility to where the front anything iris and then complete opposite end of the car the way the wing sculpts through the the lower elements at the rear deck I suppose again aerodynamics yeah I mean the week the wing will be dynamics it will go up and down okay then you’ve got air the channels through here so you literally have an opening through the back of the car and in this particular change when we’re doing the CFD this made a pretty significant change and if we if I could show you the bottom of the car I can send you some some of our CFD files basically it’s a completely smooth underbelly it’s a it’s seamless all carbon-fiber rights from the front to back it’s got one entire belly pan to is in tire car to be carbon fiber around everything’s carbon fiber I mean chasing the weight savings of course much it’s quite difficult as you’ve got to look at every material every aspect work chasing down to the power-to-weight ratio is very important to us I mean you know keeping the car under 3,000 pounds you know I think the feel that what the guys are doing with the electric cars are pretty incredible and they’re super fast but they’re happy in there no police it now I don’t think they handle or have the same braking dynamic of a car this lighter so what’s the thinking gable twice it’s a 7-speed single clutch transmission that can run an automatic mode or you can manually shift it no doubt that will have quite a little feel to option so I’m still an old-school guy I like to drive with me yeah I mean that the paddle shift will be faster and probably easier for a lot of people to drive but if somebody’s old-school when a paddle shift it I mean we want to shift it manually they can they can hop for that hop for that separate transmission sure and that’s half the fun the ceramic brakes all the way around Remos you need some serious stuffing power when you’re that out mmm that’s sort of so yeah so when he thinking in terms of what happens next project is we’re deep into the engineering at the tub and the powertrain will have a first prototype running and driving later this year we’ll begin delivering cars to clients towards the second half of 2019 and people asked us all the time what are you going 300 miles an hour well let’s wait and see what the Bugatti guys do yeah obviously CONUS takes that a really big number last year I think the Bugatti guys would challenge that probably this coming summer and then once the dust settles between those two guys will be out testing our car but we would like to go 300 miles an hour over the car sometime the next 12-18 months as you’ll see it’s a very serious game up about it it’s a very serious game but I mean the guys that buy these cars it’s the bragging rights are very important that’s important to us our company we’ve been in business for almost 28 years and we feel it’s very important for our cars performance to do the talking and if our client chooses to you know tap into that highest degree of performance great if they want to brag about it to their mates that that’s fine too wonderful well it looks absolutely fantastic so thank you very much for your time now really appreciated Geneva Motor Show this is really again it’s the it’s the World Cup and hypercars and congratulations mate yet I really appreciate it thank you very much for you guys I hope you’ve enjoyed this one too been MFI see you again very soon thanks Louise catch you later Cheers you.


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