Mercedes Maybach Pullman

I have another gig folks driver what’s up welcome to the channel supercar blondie here this is of the most lavish I continue saying the most the most something on the planet this is the most extravagant vehicle I’ve at any point seen legitimate to god so I’m going to show you folks around this current card has such a large number of highlights such huge numbers of catches everything and I’ve likewise got my mate getting him he’s named sergey and i’m going to knock his socks off with this vehicle okay let me simply call him he’s going to come out this is the mercedes maybach Pullman that is the name however formally hello mate come out come out okay you’re prepared for your psyche to be blown alright bye this is a how you doing with this doesn’t it’s much the same as shout I’ve significant I’ve never observed this in my life I’ve never observed this in my life this is the first run through for me too.

 it resembles a presidential vehicle no doubt so this vehicle folks is fundamentally made for presidents for illustrious family definitely I mean president you dress the part what I did is I did a little Google on giraffes and the world’s tallest giraffe if you somehow happened to lay that giraffe down lengthways these vehicle would at present be longer than the giraffe that is somewhat insane right that is an extremely insane correlation with I would have figured your rear end would be much more yet there you go this is the Mercedes Maybach Pullman was really used to depict extravagance mentors once upon a time like train carriages since they like draw on the genuine vehicle possibly they helpless man they pull we should run with that better believe it that is spot on so Pullman so they’ve sort of taken that rich like name and put it on this vehicle essentially this is fresh out of the box new this vehicle it’s available to be purchased at Q engines here in Dubai the amount you figure it goes for pristine shiny new it’s a 2016 model yet zero kilometers on the clock nobody’s at any point driven this I’d state a ton of dollars 800 and seventy thousand US dollars that is a great deal of cash that is a minimal expenditure right however this ones are steel since they can go as far as possible up to 1.8 million dollars what’s the distinction so you.

can get one with like military abilities firearms and feeble I’m shocked you better believe it I guess you could like request that however I don’t know whether they accomplish for you what it does is it has like underside insurance for like explosives if projectiles go and furthermore impenetrable entryways this vehicle is based off the Mercedes s-class right yet it is over a meter longer than the standard s-class and you can see sort of that compartment the main thing that I’m not small giggling now is the room what do you think no doubt I was really going to state that the whole vehicle is very wiped out definitely yet the edges are so minuscule I can’t care for these like the tires look so enormous and afterward you have like these small seeming as though strips like on the off chance that you pimped out the rooms no doubt no doubt like this seems as though it’s as of now impenetrable this is solid I mean this is a hugely thick tire toss somewhere in the range of 22 is passing out alright are you prepared for this current that is the thing that I came here for so prepared folks look as a matter of first importance simply look how large this entryway is Jesus see this correct alright entirely do you wanna go right.

 I’m going to knock your socks off with all the highlights I’m dreaming okay first thing I need to show you is these two resemble the VIP presidential seats OK yet on the off chance that you have your partners with you blast two seats show up, at that point does this for like the camera individual so he can sit also goodness pleasant gracious loosened up my legs no doubt it’s despite everything like very open right no doubt as opposed to arriving at see I was unable to try and arrive at you have an entryway close catch like in a Rolls Royce here we go this is a hundred times cooler with all the entryways shut on the grounds that it would seem that it’s evening time you could stay in bed here I have such a large number of different things to give you right let me pull my seat back in light of the fact that you’re somewhat in a dozing position gracious I love this however this is decent look this leans back to around 45 degrees OK and you have extravagant little cushions behind your head which is pleasant I don’t feel that see this blue bay window no doubt we’re really going to change the shading with this catch push this how accomplishes work I believe it has like really.

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I don’t have any acquaintance with it like an a like electromagnetic field that at that point like scatters do you know it resembles dark and afterward you can either have like numb-skull like right or you can resemble Jim would i be able to do it no doubt I think you have to push it up to get the blue goodness no doubt there you go Wow I don’t get it’s something or other we simply acknowledge we should open up the shades now the window ornaments button is here medical procedure Soji you wanna go for that one better believe it take a gander at these infant little drapes no doubt like eeny meeny miny ones so you can even you could have these draperies open and afterward simply have these ones shut for protection so nobody can see who’s sitting back here in the event that you need to accomplish some work or simply put here this one and afterward around like that it even says quality I mean Who am I to contend with not this is my preferred piece may recoil marked champagne glasses alright look this is a Bach way however and in light of the fact that it’s not made out of precious stone since you realize you know moves royce to get the gem ones there’s no similar to you can’t harm it’s not going to break its own break with you realize it resembles well I don’t realize we could attempt yet I don’t generally what I need to pay for in case you’re sufficiently opulent to be in this vehicle in the rearward sitting arrangement.

 the VIP you would prefer not to hold it right for what reason are you drinking I surmise not no doubt perhaps directly here are your ordinary cup holders right so your Dom Perignon going to spill wherever great not great so look what it does it has devoted champagne holders you simply pop this and afterward you pop this in here that is so over-the-top how cracking cool is that and afterward here I love this you can cool your beverages on the off chance that you got like Coke or you can warm them gracious you got an espresso I’ve never observed that anyplace do you feel heat you should do you feel a little no doubt on the base definitely on the base no doubt that is cool we’re cold or hot OK now these we have all the more yet hold up prepared no doubt see this present it’s a refrigerator for not just one champagne bottle three champagne bottles it fits it goes in excessively profound one two and afterward you have another little compartment up here it’s somewhat old school this is a CD goodness I don’t think.

I have any CDs any longer do you I’m simply squeezing catches better believe it gracious and by the route take a gander at what this resembles a monstrous speaker it’s a greater speaker so this you can extremely just observe this one then you see a couple of speakers around here yet you realize what it has it really has encompass sound 24 speakers yet there’s another huge one up there with these two fastens so now you can like have your presidential gatherings and stuff right and afterward you can likewise change that is our a lien innovation again no doubt so you can see the driver and see the driver how accomplishes this work take a gander at what this one does pleasant TV it’s a decent size to take a little house man it’s not so much as a vehicle it’s only a little house you could live in this vehicle I would right I’ll go to it’s more costly than most houses however alright so you have the Maybach logo coming up and afterward look.

 what you have in here full size TV controllers there two of them no doubt there are two since you have such a large number of TVs right you have TVs on the underside of these seats and you have a TV up here so you need parts TV controllers once everything is shut there and you can’t converse with the driver you have this catch here and it’s a radio so you simply press this and it goes on look seed red that is the point at which you realize that the driver can hear what you’re stating and afterward you converse with the driver simply like this alright decent goodness my god that is frantic would you be able to hear us that is so cool no doubt supercar blondie in the back and sergey definitely look you have night three minimal simple gadgets here and you can even check how quick drivers folks unceasing radio yo man delayed down no doubt you seen the clock and afterward the temperature the outside temperature we have little may bark pads obviously they’re very comfortable really I wouldn’t I didn’t figure they would on the grounds that they’re cowhide in their heart or they’re super yet they are extremely comfortable goodness OK take a gander at my legs going out like this how decent is this yes and afterward pull mice no doubt no doubt simply give you how much room you know I’m right back here now a debt of gratitude is in order for the offer sacred moly who’s driving I need to remain in the back.


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