aston martin valkyrie

Aston Martin Valkyrie it’s it’s incredible to see this thing I think there’s been a lot of doubters surrounding this project that Aston would be able to pull off what they have claimed so far on paper but sure enough behind me is a working engine and the hybrid drivetrain which is ultimately going to be combined with that insane naturally aspirated 6.5 litre v12 developed by Cosworth so the stats are out and I can confirm that the car is going to be running 1160 brake horsepower their naturally aspirated engine on its own is a thousand brake horsepower that is the highest output naturally aspirated engine to ever go in a road car ever just bonkers and then on top of that Aston are mating their hybrid drivetrain to it they have partnered with Red Bull Racing and Red Bull advanced technologies to develop this drivetrain also in collaboration with Rimac and the result is a car of one thousand one hundred and sixty horsepower and nine hundred and Newton meters of torque in a car that weighs just over a ton their power-to-weight ratio of this is going to reconfigure your face I cannot wait to experience this obviously having such early access to this is imp artifact to Michelin but also Aston Martin and Red Bull for giving me such early access as far as I’m aware this is the first video filmed with what is the closest thing to a production version of the Aston Martin Valkyrie and I cannot tell you I’ve sat in their concept tub which gave you a feel for what the car would be like in the driving position but it’s not until you get in this car which is representative of what a finished production vehicle feels like the quality of everything the definition on these screens just the finishing touches of elevators the feeling of being inside this car to such a degree then it’s unlike anything else I’ve ever been in up until now.

 I thought it was going to be quite race car like in its finish because of the stats and figures which are on paper but the way they’ve refined this to make it a road car is absolutely berserk so the heart of the aasta.martin valkyries powertrain is its Cosworth built 65 degree naturally aspirated six point five litre v12 engine if that isn’t a mouthful I don’t know what is but it’s worth it this is going to invoke a spine-tingling ultra high revving f1 inspired engine this thing from what I’ve heard the engine on the bench sounds like a sort of 1990s f1 car I truly is full of emotion and I can’t wait to hear this thing take on its own life when it’s under load and driving out on the road or track so certified peak power output is a thousand brake horsepower or one hundred and fifty three point eight brake horsepower per litre at 10,500 RPM it can continue on to a maximum of eleven thousand one hundred RPM and then this is a world first for a naturally aspirated emissions compliant Road car don’t forget peak torque is 714 Newton meters at 7000 rpm and these peak outputs are purely delivered by the internal combustion engine and this is where it gets interesting because there’s a further performance boost delivered by the hybrid system okay so I’m not sure if you watch they in my battery series but what is unique.
this I mean look you can see how high the tub sits you really are sat in a Formula position just come a bit closer and check out this steering wheel this is now close to a production wheel it’s hard to convey things like this on camera but you might be able to hear the tactility of this check this out listen to honestly the waiting and this the way that these paddle shifters are spring-loaded it’s just like finely crafted rifle trigger all right absolutely stunning and I think I can do this here look at this so and this is quite a good demo because if you have to kind of take the wheel have to get out of the car look at just like a Formula one wheel in fact pretty much is a Formula one wheel rectangular layout so to provide greater visibility over the wheel but also in in here it is quite a small tub it’s very much like being in an lmp1 car I’ve spent a great deal in an lmp1 car but I have had the the fortune of being able to sit in one and it does feel like this however they are nowhere near this posh right when they replace my wheel down here show you how my best ability of gracefully exiting stand on the seat respectfully taking my shoes off because you do I can literally have to stand on the seat and lower yourself down just like a formula car do you remember by the way when this was codenamed nebula and the world thought that the Valkyrie was gonna be called nebula that only seems a few weeks ago and here we are with basically a neo production-ready version of the Valkyrie now what we don’t have right now is any official statistics on the levels of downforce of this car judging by that colossal act of showing look at that I mean what that says is a lot that’s all you need to know the main crux of this car is to develop the world’s fastest street-legal car so something that could wear number plates speaking of number plates it will sit directly behind the exhaust system and Aston have had to get special permission from at least the government of the UK to develop metal number plates for the Valkyrie specifically so that it doesn’t melt off the back of the car because this is clearly a very high temperature zone they’ve even used a special military-grade coating on the wing so that it doesn’t melt or affect the coating of the carbon fiber look at its sculpturally I mean up until now and I have only seen and I guess you guys have only seen a Valkyrie in its concept tub form which is effectively a load of plastic but this look at the finish it’s so f1 this induction tunnel here which is feeding that six point five liter naturally aspirated v12 honestly the highlight of my year is going to here this thing turn on for the first time .

 we will be there to share it with you firsthand sticky michelin tyres particularly developed for Valkyrie even though they are based on a Pilot Sport cup – how bonkers is that the mats this is going to be the fastest road car in the world and it’s going to be on Cup twos that is incredible and here we are now seeing for the first time the real Aero work that is at play with the Valkyrie look in here look these are all details that we just did not see on the concept car look at this the airflow it is absolutely incredible he’s now are the wing mirrors which are very well integrated with the screens inside the car and these are very high-definition screens that you’ll be able to see what’s going on all around you without compromising the Aero wishbones here fancy coating I believe that Aston have worked in conjunction with the same people that developed the flexible wing on 0:03 to develop their wintergreen wiper I never thought I would have highlighted the significance of a wiper blade as much as I’m about to right now but as with pretty much every component on this car everything has a story so by Road legal regulations it is dictated that a certain percentage of a windscreen has to be able to be wiped by the wiper blade in order to qualify for road going homologation as I mentioned when I was inside this car it is like sitting in an LM p1 car and therefore you have this really domed and angled windscreen which a conventional wiper wouldn’t be able to clear here what Aston have design is a wiper blade with I quote a drive shaft in it if you can just see it just in there the effect this has is to articulate and bend the wiper across the full circumference of this screen so that it clears it optimally I mean it’s absolutely absurd look at that and these are the details that you really don’t appreciate on this car until somebody has explained it to you so once again next-level stuff from Aston and here we are 3d printed components for the lights I’m not sure if you watched my video where we SPECT of Valkyrie but we were talking about the checkerboard carbon which was an optional extra within the headlight clusters and here it is in its glory intricacy in the detail of these lights to stand here what I think my favorite thing about seeing this car so far is the sum of its parts having such an incredible finish and this isn’t actually you know the production standard this is their first prototype car and eventually we will see this thing running speaking of running.
I think we should take a look in the engine bay this is somewhat of a world first to behold the engine bay of the Aston Martin Valkyrie.

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 I run down of a few components which are at least available to see this here hydraulic boot strap this is to feed the car with all of the appropriate hydraulic fluids as and when required fancy carbon plenum this this is interesting so this is a very fancy air filter now if you think about the way this car operates from up here air is sucked and channeled in from the intake here and obviously pops out unfiltered directly into the engine bay so when it’s raining effectively water will be coming out of here down directly into the airbox and so what this is is an ultra trick ultra thin water repellent air filter so essa’ is still capable of permeating this but water isn’t very clever stuff indeed speaking about all this hybrid tech you’re probably wondering where it is well Aston have done an amazing job of condensing such a trick piece of kit in such a tight area but effectively around about here is where the e motor sits itself between the engine and the gearbox and then the battery pack is actually housed I guess what you would conventionally call the bulkhead so you sort of sit between it and the engine and then on top of the battery pack which you can envisage here is the inverter which converts the DC current to AC current to power the whole system it’s all it’s all a bit mind-boggling if I’m honest with you I’ve had to run this by the engineer’s from Aston and quite a few times but overall I’m just so incredibly impressed the quality and the finish of everything like this is what you would class I guess is the door handle to pull the door down once you’re inside and you actually open the door with a similar little tag pole here so that is the tag in order to open this door to access this wonderful tub and so ultimately this is it this is the car that no doubt we will be seeing a lot more of as Aston use it as their mule to develop this platform going forward incredibly exciting this is basically the manifestation of everything that Aston have been talking about and lo and behold it is here and we shall see it turning a wheel very soon so that was it that was the first look of the verification prototype of the Aston Martin Valkyrie this is it everything that has to have said they’re gonna do it’s beginning to show itself here I cannot wait to see and hear this thing turn a wheel for the first time which is no doubt that week sometime this year as always guys thank you so much for watching ciao.


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