The Coolest Dune Buggy!

you around this here I simply need to give you it is excessively too simple all you have here is three infinitesimal small turning thingy majiggy to go drive there impartial at that point invert and in leave now the cool thing is investigate this is the thing that I saw straight away look there’s a delay and a play button for the celery tart you must really put your foot on the play button which is somewhat cool so let me simply turn down this music the other cool thing is you take this to the sea shore right when you arrive and you have the speaker playing as you go to the sea shore you simply remove this Bluetooth speaker from the cart itself and bring this down onto the sea shore with you so you snatch will you disclose to us bring the Bluetooth speaker down and you can prop the music up right down so this is on the off chance that I can get out richly enough this is the ID carriage from VW and it is really the just one on the planet and it’s privilege here on this channel at this moment and this is an idea sea shore cart which I never truly thought you realize I didn’t imagine that they would be idea sea shore carriages yet there you go and there’s an awesome purpose behind that that I’m going to clarify in only a sec since you’re intended to utilize this on the sea shore right everything is truly stripped down it’s basic inside you don’t need such a large number of contraptions and a hardware going on right so truly when you take it off the sea shore and it’s completely sandy inside you can get a hose and simply shower down the whole cart so.

 this material here is completely waterproof and afterward you take a gander at all of the remainder of this inside it’s simply it’s an extremely straightforward surface that can be splashed down actually effectively get all the sand out and afterward around here you have this cool little boot so you can store like the entirety of your sea shore towels and everything else little outing set anything you desire down at the sea shore and they don’t have any entryways or rooftop in view obviously when you’re at the sea shore you sort of need that sea shore experience you’re outside you need to have the breeze in your hair as like right now this cart is completely electric that is the future it has one electric engine in the back and it has it produces around 200 strength from the batteries so all the batteries lie level over the floor of the stage and afterward the electric engine is in the back in the event that you take the base of this vehicle right so the innovation what they’re hoping to do is really permit that out to a great deal of different makers so the makers who don’t at present have completely electric vehicles and don’t have the opportunity and the cash to spend on building up that innovation can in reality simply fly it from VW and afterward assemble whatever body around that base that they need to so in future we may be seeing precisely this cart however in a vehicle structure from different makers it’s getting some consideration so I’m simply going to go solicit these folks what they think from it they’re singing hi acceptable what do you think I like it aside from it’s electric yes it is that ought to be an or more.

 that is what’s to come we’re getting into I’ll leave them take a gander at it for a piece I need to give you this you see this old fogey right’s intriguing that the sea shore carriage right the idea of a sea shore cart was really evolved here in California during the 60s and it was based off a VW Beetle so this space here is from a creepy crawly and afterward they’ve recently sort of taken the top off and made it into a sea shore carriage and what they’ve done currently is taken a similar idea got a base and afterward constructed a cart on head of the base in future that jar could be on street vehicles similarly as that base over yonder is the base of a VW Beetle Road vehicle do you get what I mean we should take it for a drive this is really street legitimate this carriage so we’re going to go down here along the coast I may surpass this is the way you put it in Drive it’s truly this little switch here on the end it’s so basic in here you simply push that forward and I’ll go into drive mode and that is it foot on the play button and off you go will we take it on the sea shore no doubt why not definitely someone a remark for all of you with your with your petroleum motor right no doubt no doubt no doubt no doubt that is so I thought.

 this is nevertheless this is quick I mean glance at this correct it’s not awful you all so it’s a piece’s it’s overwhelming right since batteries gauge a ton and that is the trouble with battery-fueled vehicles is the weight right or one of the challenges so it is a substantial vehicle however it feels very light due to course you get that discussion that moment force from the battery so this is cool I like how there’s no entryways or any it’s sort of like being in an outdated Jeep you know like where there were no entryways and no well there was somewhat better like to a greater degree a casing around the vehicle you don’t have that at all with this one it truly feels very beachy no doubt I feel extremely insane in this isn’t the maximum velocity is a hundred and sixty kilometers an hour so can go quite quick and zero to a hundred is a little more than seven seconds that is it folks I trust you delighted in offer the video a speedy go-ahead buy in to my channel on the off chance that you haven’t yet huge thank you to VW for welcoming me here to Monterrey and look at their new sea shore carriage truly cool didn’t realize I’d do that this end of the week so thank all of you.


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