The Car With The Oxygen Tank!

supercars lan de and we have something insane coming up for you Parker from vehicle Virgins has quite recently pulled up and we’re going to disclose the craziest vehicle ever you know whether you accompany an overly filthy vehicle that is what you’re going to get OK supercar blondie there you go blast it’s on there everlastingly sorry mate so it works it has been some time doing admirably now we have two vehicles this one is this the person whoever possesses the Fiats like haver put a spread on my vehicle perhaps you will get it for me I guess the most ideal approach to do it is simply get directly to realize she would only we should simply bubble it off simply pull it off I said goodness you haven’t seen it I’ve just barely observed it now in reverse gracious my god Oh gracious my gosh see what we’re seeing isn’t that simply like a spaceship so I knew when you said that it was going to be an insane vehicle I fit you of anybody on the web would appear with the craziest night I can’t mention to you what this is that why you came in secured it well that is the reason I came we surprised me I need to offer it to you so this is the in principle.

I thought I just conversed with you about what are you an all-electric racecar you go in the correct track you got the you’re going to take this resembles a dream of the race vehicle of things to come single seater as should be obvious gracious the coolest thing hold up I completely overlooked hold tight two seconds this is extraordinary goodness my gosh do this alright this is the head protector you where there are American we should take this region 51 yes it’s work it resembles Italian vehicle the vehicle okay on the off chance that you were ever going to attack region 51 which is consistently in my remarks on YouTube this is the thing that so you can speak with the outsiders oxygen and water Wow so when you have this on this interfaces into here you see so the oxygen and the and the water is taken care of to you as you’re dashing and afterward do you have a like a press to drink button definitely we’re here this present one’s for drinking that one over yonder and clearly the oxygen like you need to prop that up the entire time you can’t simply like this I got the chance to turn about it’s simply close off no doubt inhale in light of the fact that it’s a full shade when you got the overhang down better believe it clearly got a breeze on that privilege so they thought well why not feed the oxygen into.

the cap and they have the tank here you see here simply behind that that is the tank yesterday goodness you folks it is an idea right this is the primary vehicle that Faraday future made this resembles their vision this is the point at which you take a gander at this vehicle all of like little devices and knickknacks that it has in it that is really going to take care of down into their creation vehicles and I’ve really got a few those vehicles in that building directly close to us that I’m going to show you since when they resembled hello we have you realize we can give you this marvelous like zero one and afterward we have like this creation vehicle and we’d love to give you that and I resembled the motivation behind why I love idea vehicles is on the grounds that I love to see where organizations are going in future what sort of contraptions and like cool knickknacks and innovations and plans we’re going to see we took the corner pakhi you breaking some no doubt sadly broken.

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it yet this will be this is so intense this is so convenient however for what reason did I welcome you truly did this well I am I simply was conversing with a companion no doubt about the way that everybody utilizes their telephones better believe it in the vehicle whether it’s for rests or they’re going to take a gander at it definitely yet no vehicle has a decent telephone holder yes arbitrary top holders or spots you can’t see it’s so irritating glance at this is a space for your iPhone that at that point goes in the focal point of this stud however notice how it ought to be this one ought to be correct that way you can watch supercar blondie recordings while you’re driving obviously or accomplice on Netflix venture not in the same class as.

 Super Cup on the recordings yet second best I’ll take it I simply needed to show you the front this is very cool turn how it opens upward on the two sides here of the of the lodge so these adversaries right down to the back there and on this side thing about trees on this vehicle are only here in this inside lodge right down and these sort of air burrows as an afterthought they’re there for optimal design yet in addition to consider the batteries these tail blade here will illuminate this will be a showcase so you can put your name your group’s name on it you can put your a quickest lap time on the back anything you desire truly what they needed to ensure is you could take this careful stage how the batteries are lie on this stage the innovation every little thing about it and move it into various vehicles you can have something that looks this insane on this stage or you can have precisely the same innovation and move that into a vehicle that looks totally changed so’s what they needed to ensure that they had in Faraday future going ahead this is very cool here you perceive how the petals are isolated from the brake and the quickening agent since they were thinking you know at high speeds when you’re on the track you would prefer truly not to get those first petals and such so they have this like sort of perspex separator in the center so you know it out of nowhere coincidentally step on the quickening agent.


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