The Bentley !

you’ve never observed what’s up it’s supercar blondie give us a brisk like on the video buy in to the channel we have such huge numbers of astounding vehicles coming out as a matter of first importance investigate this has 6,000 LED lights just in the front here and what they’ve done is they’ve melded the headlights and the grille together it’s genuinely similar to it would seem that something from more odd things how it’s all sort of coming out and combining and all that it looks astonishing doesn’t it hatchet P represents experiential 100 to commend 100 years of Bentley and GT for Grand Tour so let me take you on the back really before we do that investigate this doesn’t appear as though sharp teeth on the edge here look how long the vehicle is too this is essentially to praise the legacy of Bentley so what they have what they’re known for style astute throughout the most recent hundred years and furthermore to look to the future so what will occur in a long time from now and this vehicle is looking to around 2035 that is the thing that they picture to be out and about in that year around the back here you’ll see this entire part here is a bended LED screen you can really put anything on here it doesn’t simply need to be these lines you realize you can put your name on here or anything since it is really a LED screen in all they have 10,000 LED lights overall.

 vehicle you know how when we talk about electric vehicles later on there’s a great deal of discussion about how we will customize them with regards to sound what who will create for the vehicle what sort of sounds will they make on the grounds that clearly it won’t make any sort of petroleum motor sound what’s intriguing and what they’ve done here that has not been discussed much is the way you can customize your vehicles in future with lights right they are looking at sound as well as light personalization so at the front you can have a light show that is yours and yours just no other Bentley can have a similar light show as you do so’s a serious fascinating seemingly insignificant detail that they’ve added to this vehicle these are for the most part manageable materials this is really reused copper directly here in light of the fact that they imagine that chrome components will presumably be restricted in future on vehicles so what they’re doing is they’re taking a gander at different materials to get that sort of pop and they’ve gone for aluminum here and afterward reused copper and simply investigate how huge these wheels are 27 inch we should investigate such a great amount of going on in this vehicle OK how about we how about we open her up perceive how it sort of comes out first like this and afterward this entire side of the vehicle is going to open up that is the manner by which large the entryways become enormously stories it resembles a wing appears as though it nearly could take off it was like this out enter.

 I’ll show you around the inside so there’s such a great amount of going on in here as a result obviously this is the thing that they picture the eventual fate of heading to resemble I’m going to fly in to the driver’s seat here alright so these solidified zones right this is all precious stone underneath here and afterward a glass surface over the top so this is really where you would communicate with the vehicle you would have the option to for instance plug in the goal and this one here you would have the option to bring down the windows or put the windows up or just totally cooperate with the vehicle the other thing is they have containers so on the grounds that there is no motor in the front the front is stockpiling so what you can do is on your excursion placed in different cases and those cases will come around here and what I mean by cases is one case could have like your lunch like a sushi lunch another case could have a little smaller than usual bar that comes out so as you’re making the most of your excursion these little cases can come and be conveyed to you on this like sort of little sushi train here in the front there are two modes self-governing for the future those of you who would prefer not to be driving and you can simply understanding or just to have an encounter going from A to B this controlling wheel will go in and this seats will move back this will really withdraw into the rear of the vehicle so this seat can go right back simply like this one is directly here so you can have these two seats in that position or on the off chance that you have travelers you can push this seat ahead and the base of that rearward sitting arrangement will come out thus you can fit four travelers that way this one here this is a like a water caster so this would sort of like a little sifted cascade the entire time going around and around.

 these materials are very fascinating also this privilege here this would think about how old this will be this is cell based dated to the Year 3,300 BC how insane is that so they’re utilizing these materials that in any case wouldn’t be utilized they’re being found and generally simply copied or tossed out so they’re attempting to reuse every one of those materials this here such an excess of sewing so this is completely done by an organization who does the outfits for the Queen’s watches the entirety of this here glance at this dabs lights going through the material behind the material look how mind boggling the entirety of this sewing is here this privilege here this is really taking care of air into the rear of the vehicle here they’re attempting to give the travelers a full encounter of the outside while you’re inside the vehicle so state in case you’re experiencing as I don’t know some place that smells lovely like a poppy homestead or something it’s something to that effect the scents of the earth will come in through the vehicle and really be taken care of then all through these little you know lines here in the rooftop so you can get like a full tactile encounter as you are driving around in the vehicle this material here is very fascinating really this resembles veggie lover calfskin so what they do is you realize when you’re squashing the grapes to make wine the entirety of the extra mash from the grapes it’s typically simply tossed out what they’ve done is they’ve utilized that at that point to make cowhide like a phony calfskin and that is what they’re utilizing here to run along I mean it feels practically like cowhide it’s very cool the entirety of this too it’s um where is it are here at the wood you perceive how it has like these lighter lines experiencing it that is all copper dust that has been imbued into the wood so.

 there are heaps of little subtleties here that you don’t regularly get the opportunity to see on vehicles today that they’ve truly thought about it and this year this would really move Ford and go about as a work area so you can I don’t know put your PC on it and accomplish some work if that is the thing that you need to do so’s that is the inside it’s huge isn’t it


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