Aston Martin has officially confirmed that the Valhalla hypercar will play a starring automotive role in the upcoming James Bond film.

large news to disclose to you not long before we get into this video I’ve really been selected for a shorty grant I can’t trust it’s sort of a serious deal I need your assist I with requiring the assistance of my supercar blondie family to win my classification I’ve really been designated for break out of youtuber I need your assistance I can’t win up without you it depends on the adjudicators it’s additionally founded on the quantity of votes that I get so please proceed to decide in favor of me the connection is in the portrayal underneath this video click it possibly takes a couple of moments in the event that you love my recordings and you love this station please kindly do that it’s likewise enormous for the car business this is the first run through a vehicle performer has been perceived and named for a shorty grant so we should do it for the supercar blondie family OK folks how about we get directly to it what’s up folks it’s super couple under here in Dubai gracious my god this is so energizing we have the Valhalla being conveyed directly here today the new James Bond vehicle not long before.

we see this is a Lisa my companion Lisa goodness thank you supercar blondie station in the event that you have not yet bought in kindly do so click that buy in button right now else you’re going to pass up the coolest vehicles of 2020 there it is first time this has really been conveyed to somebody in the open we’ve just at any point seen audits of this vehicle in studio before it’s in the new film no an ideal opportunity to make a plunge Daniel Creed’s last James Bond film simply think right our knobs are going to contact bizarre daniel craig’s yet conceivably the touch so that is energizing goodness right the coolest thing is it’s not simply in the James Bond movie it has James bond-esque highlights monstrous thank you to Jamil Art Center for having us here in the or like this nursery zone here it resembles an elite lockdown zone from us today just you me and Alisa Oh I’m bossy .

I don’t hold up it’s so cool you folks this is one of four Aston Martin’s that has been affirmed to be in the new James Bond film initial one it’s clearly the one that many individuals sort of considered very James Bond which is the db5 the db5 it’s excellent db5 with those kick-ass little weapons coming out far superior to mine’s more similar to better believe it yours are minor cb5 about the DVD Drive at that point we have the bit of leeway no doubt gracious we have the DBS also and we’ll have this one the Valhalla this is the most spaceship e100 from all James Bond’s going to glance provocative in this yet we don’t have the foggiest idea whether he’s going to be in it yet doing no so this is the thing you all so we asked us and Martin the vehicle is going to be in James Bond yet is James Bond driving it and they said they can’t affirm who is driving the vehicle James Bond may not really be driving it yet what might be cool is if the female operator yes since it’s only one out of every odd day you get a James Bond vehicle conveyed to you this is insane I can’t it’s a wet less spread off hi Aston Martin has actually consistently sort of been viewed as the traditionally wonderful vehicle.

it’s sort of been a men of honor’s driver it’s been a long front here with the motor here in the front it’s gotta blow known as a stupendous traveler you sit back you sort of go for his long outings in the vehicle it’s Comfort right solace and extravagance now Aston Martin for the absolute first time I’m excessively amped up for this sort of bearing they’re going in absolute first time move the motor from the front to the back so now it resembles a mid-engined hyper vehicle and now it sort of assumes the appearance of a like what you would consider a hyper vehicle should look like come and view these fumes pipes directly here this is a horrible charged v6 motor it’s a half and half so you know better for the earth I surmise in case you’re a supercar proprietor that takes your own cup to the coffeehouse and gets them to top them off this is the one for you why’s that since you like reusable and recyclable thing you understand better for nature welcomed her probably the coolest component you folks we can’t move past this part directly here right you know commonly wings at the back as you go at higher paces it will sort of go all over like this now what this vehicle can do is simply the carbon fiber will Bend so it’s not moving .

it’s really twisting this is aviation innovation created with NASA right what does this help me to remember in light of the fact that it’s so open here at the back in the event that you come and investigate it from this course sort of appears as though a bird in flight yes it does no doubt like sort of its head here and afterward it’s two wings going out the others either side I believe that is an extremely delightful back that is exceptionally imaginative you ought to compose books or time it took me like an hour to think of us compose and take a gander at this what do you notice where’s the wing mirrors well this one doesn’t have wing mirrors look there’s a small camera directly here and the best thing about this obviously streamlined you realize that yet look inside there you can see the tire the suspension and you’ll see everything from here needn’t bother with a wing mirror or apparently Alek no they are old school now.

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they’re finished by wing mirrors in the event that you have a vehicle with wing mirrors simply love them off on the grounds that they don’t have the foggiest idea and that isn’t a word of wisdom I’d prefer to do that okay fine don’t simply purchase a million dollar vehicle without wing nose no doubt you got the chance to pay more on the off chance that you need less vehicle that is the way it works before we get in how about we investigate the front of the vehicle here first of all so these are 3d printed headlights half less weight than your normal Aston Martin headlights no doubt I’ve never really like idea about the heaviness of a fog light previously and afterward something that actually for the most part keeps me up around evening time yet no it is anything but a reality I’m going to return to my vehicle and simply resemble you all an excessive amount of you realize this isn’t cool well you folks are burdening me on the off chance that I had headlights that with half lighter, at that point envision how much quicker he goes this resembles a vehicle that is done the keto diet folks has a rooftop scoop here now.
 this isn’t only for looks this is the place it’s going to take care of air straight go into the motor that is somewhat cool on account obviously Aston Martin as a rule has the motor in the front so now we’re seeing rooftop scoops just because this won’t be Aston Martin’s just mid-motor supercar or hyper vehicle we have obviously got the Valkyrie and we’ve likewise got the new vanquish coming up the new vanquish is additionally going to have the motor right here in the back and it appears to be somewhat unique to this yet similarly as cool and I’m really considering getting goodness gone ahead are you who wanted to do it without anyone else’s help this stunning stature for vehicle cause the Valkyrie like you were discussing it’s more than 3,000,000 dollars yet I mean it’s presumably still you realize bit out of range yet this one they call the Sun of Valkyrie since it’s sort of an infant form definitely and it’s an expect 1.3 million dollars like it change extremely simple P so you’re going to get one of these cuz in the event that I’ll get 300 I should have quite recently purchased the Valkyrie in maths okay right I extremely just barely brought her so she could open the entryway simultaneously as me just so.


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