zenvo ts1 gt

  its future and almost restarted the brand so this car has a 5.8 liter twin supercharged v8 1180 horsepower as the maximum number 1100 Newton meters of torque that means as well as developing their own engine they also had to develop their own gearbox to actually handle that power and torque top speed is electronically limited to 375 kilometers an hour which is 233 miles per hour that’s limited which is crazy naught to 100 kilometers an hour or 62 miles an hour is just 2.8 seconds but when you look at it does it not scream presence you couldn’t miss this coming and as you go around the car you can see hexagonal shapes like in the front grille that repeat and continue throughout now I don’t really know where to start but it’s got a carbon-fiber bodies ember making their own carbon now lots of intakes obviously for the cooling through the front here huge radiator fans their own lights coming around the carbon fiber parts for the new front splitter added since the earlier car still very much looks like the st1 it’s reminiscent of that original look but with upgrades with modifications with changes look at the wheels the center lock wheels with the carbon fiber parts and the paint touches as well those just look cool hiding behind them or not even really hiding huge ceramic disc brakes come around the side you’ll note this car is the pre-production prototype so it’s actually running circa 800 horsepower also in its current configuration which is fine because it’s wet outside but you car these cool fins for the airflow through the side of the car there as well and you come around towards the rear where.

 there is a ginormous fixed-wing integrated into the body panel so the way it floats over but it’s got quite a ductile effect to it for downforce grit for driving and this is this is really quite hardcore it’s not a gentle car it’s a hyper car with serious race car aggression to it and actually you can see the hexagonal shape again in the exhaust pipes here in the tailpipes at the rear and by the way just to show plate but kind of fun for the moment ten years of Zenvo as we walk around this car in the very bright green paintwork so it distinct again shaped for the rear lights and more cooling to allow air flow out of the car this whole hollowed out area under here is really quite crazy come around to the driver’s side to open it up and have a look at the inside which just continues the craziness and the first thing I’m going to point out that I love is having different coloured seats to match the exterior the lime-green on this side black on the other side it’s driver focused it’s about the involvement slightly squared steering wheel you can see as well that just looks bonkers so it’s got a steel tubular chassis finished off with carbon and various composites to complete the whole package massive sills to step in over but it just looks bonkers if you come down here this is a speaker cover again with the hexagonal pattern in the alloy I like that that’s a really nice touch let me take a step inside pull him into the car carbon everywhere everything this whole area around the instrument again hexagonal instrument display lighting inside and up on the roof.

I notice as well more hexagonal patterns I’m green on the driver’s side black on the passenger salt part of the bespoke personalization and various things you can change look at that door panel door card is just cool so let us just turn on the ignition for the moment oh that is nice look at that display that’s a very very cool driver display of a rev counter heading around with the information surrounding it nice this is a very cool place to be sat so pre production car things to be finalized but I have to say actually all looks pretty good in here this is where you select the rather special gearbox which is going to bang gears into place it significantly more aggressively than I’m used to on previous cars but I mean it started well it looks exceptionally cool but I think we’re gonna need to hear this fired up but before we do that I’m just gonna switch it back off and jump out and actually show you in the engine bay because that alone is something very special and almost ignoring the fact that there’s a four by four squared Mercedes there but if we come around here there is a button just in here that releases the hydraulics for the rear compartment oh there we go up it opens to reveal carbon carbon and more carbon and under there is that 5.8 liter engine develops built and created by Zenvo flanked either side by 345 section tires which are vast huge huge rubber naturally to keep the traction and keep this car on the road but you look inside here it’s very very pretty with all the carbon-fiber but let me shut that back down let’s get ready to hear the car start it in a second and then it’s gonna be my turn to jump into the driver’s seat and experience a little bit more of what this thing is about in support agriculture let me head around to the front just time catch a quick glimpse as we head out right and the color box away in this light that green that is phenomenal right let us jump inside to experience this the door handle is here step in so here we are get belted up to head on out here we are then and for the person jerseys it’s surprisingly civilized right isn’t too harsh we are obviously not exactly flooring it’s of this rather damp or tumble day in the UK not too noisy when you drive it gently and then their gearbox that I need to explain all I’m driving is actually can be driven quite smoothly so so far this quite doable and reward helping in a minute I find myself now sat in the driver’s seat of the Zambo so let’s start it back up it really is such a powerful role but listen to one or two little blips of this and you get that back crackle it’s got ignition cuts as well so when you’re accelerating hard you get epic cracks out of it but let’s pull the door get ready to get set to start it immediately feels very sensitive occasion dramatic everything you’re looking at when you’re looking out over the front it’s really proper hypercar from that sense now to put it into gear you would pull this the shifter you have to give it a moment it’s the top teeth gearbox has to click into the way that works is literally it’s gears going bang together it’s not a synchromesh gearbox like we used to it everything else on the road and they’re trying to count brakes it releases and pull that off so it really has extra ability at speed if you drive it gently it’s gonna be a little bit awkward first gears to find themselves high speeds it’s gonna just smack.

 it you can have it where the 7-speed synchromesh will they’re driving with a 7-speed dog tooth so off we go so far so good feels pretty I guess civilize are quite gentle there’s a decent amount of brake travel but then very small like any car with this level of performance very small margins for where you have feedback from the pedals to pull out any second [Music] there we go it’s the sporty-er mode manual panels can be driven automatically but I think you have to be pretty crazy to drive this kind of car in now setup it’s not what it’s about at all it’s actually smoother than we expected it’s about shifting you know at redline proper performance we’re not going to get that then I am driving a left-hand drive car on the UK which makes miscibility slightly interesting sounds pretty they say from the one of you the various new crest vultures prominent I should say that you a good sense of the car is this very pre-production doesn’t have the vinyl seats and – its position based on flow which let’s need to march out of the rear mirror you’ve got the restaurant over the engine bay and then a week so basically he wants anything it’s me surprisingly civilize them and don’t get me wrong when in touch involvement is very far but it’s anyway it’s actually quite decent five years so the suspension system it’s bracing tryna set up configuration for ratios differential steering setup see how the steering – amps up – wasn’t over the red line I’m pretty aggressive straight okay it’s you find aggressive when you get up and I noticed the speedometer bump is rising very very fast so clearly with the top speed like this is capable you get that way back up through the gears very the big thing for the experience to me is how different this actually is to pretty much anything else it’s like they’ve started from the drawing board and created their own car because the feel of everything can’t really be directly compared to anything else.

I’ve driven recently at least this it’s very unique and it’s set up in the way the suspension feels in the way the steering feels in the way the engine feels in obviously or the interior the components everything you’re looking at steering ratio this is the type again I said it thank you very here and as long as again you have to be very accurate we straight up from the speed limit immediate no sense out quickly or actually building speed in here it is quite now at slow speeds it’s definitely a little bit awkward I mean it’s not that bad from the visibility point of view but the gearbox is clearly engineered for great going at speed knots going at five miles per hour however in theory get out of this little traffic jam here where again actually pulls away quite smoothly you just release the release the brake and it goes away easily enough it’s not super jumpy backwards and forwards we’ll get to the countryside lane where it’s going to be a little bit more fun it’s traffic jam with every sense but you have to really be so delicate with me from get the gears to bang them completely its place especially lower than the rev range they second up into third you want to release the throttle pedal but applies again just enough at the right time to pick up the pace again and keep moving now a car like this it’s not supposed to be easy it’s not supposed to be something you just jump in and drive there are different Piper GTS fulfill that niche this is supposed to be police experience so the whole experience of purchasing the car but then experience also driving in every time when you get in the car and it’s at all predictable and easy having to think about what we are doing the driving smoothly is actually a challenge is open discovering it’s really requiring some thought we get the countryside drop it down again this is where when you’re good now they’re careful because conditions savage elements the way they come through when you get higher in the red range so fast if I put my in one second actually honestly has such a strange sense of moving quickly just barreling along like this as a brutal eagle offices up to 160 miles an hour the speed limit here in the UK but it’s easy to drive that style yes I’m sure ship to get out find out who that’s to get some dropper on a racetrack crazy crazy bed doing let’s go it’s crazy noises going on every 1000 Easybeats atoll you feel that but very very small about the travel at the throttle pedal and that amount of power that comes such a small that the press of it so empty road ahead and launches it absolutely again acceleration minimus unbelievable just fine how just takes off he likes drawing yeah when it’s pretty out there in thumbing – really multi-chain Samia where sorry that inaccurate it’s really intriguing how hard you while smoothly to get this and gentle is very much the same ilk is another common SPR work with the m600 it’s all it’s Paul it’s real it involves the driver having to be precise and having turn to work to drive it correctly and genuinely a challenge it’s a take something building and getting used to having been in the past Lucy what is driven correctly it chose very very well it’s fascinating to me gently and then you just get everything when it gets tough above my mouth like I said a receiver josh has come in and is distressed it just launches it just goes you thought already but you’re accelerating reasonably hard but then there it is so it’s very very very thoughtful sensitive expense we’ve been doing in the harder you’re accelerating changes body or presidents rotten changes the mapping at the gearbox shift so it’s a lot about the car that’s been engineered for that racing mentality for that proper purest driving style for really engaging and connecting with it now a car like this is not made at all the motorway but we’re gonna go for assurance.

 the rev range something else people say this spaceships nyah he’s a great big love the fun of the dog ball because I’ve actually got experience oh so quickly okay that’s the experience that’s what it’s about now what I’ve learned here is that this thing is an absolute animal is a total beast but it really wants to be driven hard properly hard is set up in that way that it’s all about the full-on effects and impact of it so with those up shifts for example the full throttle approach works well but then you have to be going fast very fast anyway the back and SPR so I’m going to show you a bit more around here around the interior of the car and then a couple more thoughts [Music] [Music] all right that sound was ridiculous but like I said well glance a little bit further around the interior and take in a few more things and just count the number of times you see this hexagonal pattern in the lever in the trim of the speakers in the air vents which are quite nicely by the way the buttons around the steering wheel literally everything follow us that shape even the actual stairway I realize takes the six-sided shape the display the icons on the display the control around here for the climate control everything all the little buttons so I think that’s quite cool the way that’s carried in on the outside on the inside and everywhere now again being pre-production it doesn’t have the final system here but you get a feel for what the interior is going to be like and how it can be configured and how bespoke it can be and customized at the seats the carbon back seats naturally which are quite comfortable to be honest good amounts of padding and support I’ve enjoyed sitting in these seats and then looking further back you can see the quick glimpse through to the engine bay through that small rear window but really really busy bility is next to non-existent if I try and give you an eyeline that’s basically what you’re looking at so you can see the rear wing and the strap braces crossing over there and not a whole lot else but that’s not really what this car is wore and then looking down at the floor again the same pattern repeated on the pedals and the footrest and the floor mats and that vast carbon-fiber side sill too now you can configure one or two things in here this is again not the final software but you’ve got the menu that you can just control some colors.

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I think you can just change the speedometer needle color and that kind of thing but clearly there’ll be a lot more to come in there which is exciting to see all in due course but then traditionally you have wipers lights as expected the paddles on the back of the steering wheel good positioning and they have really sensitive movement so they don’t have to actually move very far at all to engage so again very precise it’s all about precision in this car and you can feel that pretty much throughout but the interior is very driver focused everything’s pointing towards you as the driver and making you feel like the centre of the activity and everything that’s going on step out and take another little look I guess around the outside of the car I’ve stepped out without actually turning off the ignition did you do I won’t press off there we’re off so I’m wandering around it really is a dramatic looking thing there is no question about that some 19-inch wheels 20 inch at the rear those big big tires michelin tire support cup twos just crazy 345 30 20 inch radius that is ludicrous size of tire sorry about the fact that is a little bit dirty net whole from the grime out there come down towards the rear you can see the shape of the diffuser air flow through of course around the exhaust pipes that we’ve now heard sounded ludicrously loud but I think I should offer a little bit more by way of opinion and feedback driving it and one of the strangest sensations is I’d actually argue it’s not loud enough if that makes sense if you buy a Zenvo you’ve also probably got other super hyper cars potentially and it’s very much about the drama and it’s very loud outside but the sound deadening is too good for the inside the gearbox takes some learning but I think when it’s learnt it would be a fantastic experience that one or two full rev up shifts that I’ve done have felt phenomenal super super super cool from a looks point of view obviously each their own I think it looks pretty stand out it looks like what it’s supposed to do it stands out as something absolutely crazy and out there the suspension system is really good it’s compliant enough for a bumpy UK roads but clearly has a lot of feels so when you’re driving hard no doubts it would feel very very solid as well steering could be made a little bit a little bit tighter slightly on the loose side at the moment but again it’s all in development that’s fascinating to drive the car experience that I look forward to maybe driving it again in future but as a car you know if you want to go out there and have a hand-built spoke crazy thing that is what this car serves it’s it’s a niche type of product but it’s a mental one at that and pretty special so this car running in about 800 and something horsepower it’s already nuts I can’t imagine what the full 1180 feels like 1200 horsepower nearly that’s just bonkers anyway it’s a big thanks from me to Zenvo for the opportunity to drive the car to Lee at SPR super veloce racing the UK distributed our four Zenvo for the opportunity to come down today and take this one out for a drive with him and to experience this after benzyne been in the summer a good with festival speed went up the hill climb whitley in the race version as well the TSR but that was the Zenvo TS walnut GT i hope you’ve enjoyed the video thank you very much as always for watching make sure you’re subscribed and pop back again very soon for the next video I’ll catch up with you then Cheers you.


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