there’s been a new twist to the sushant singh rajput suicide case probe sanjay leela bhansali’s noe been summoned for interrogation by the mumbai police the fact is that sushant singh rajput had signed a contract with yash raj films and this to do with allegation that sushant singh rajput had to lose out on a film sanjay leela bhansali’s due to his contractual obligation with yash raj films my colleague saurabh who’sbeen chatting the details of the story is joining us on the broadcast sahra what more can you tell us so we were give to understand that sanjay leela bhansali’s has been called in to record a statement well has been called in to record a statement not summoned has different meaning in legal terminology so obviously yes he will be recording a statement and this is something that comes in the backdrop of what’s being said along all these particluar contract that show something raj would had signed that perhaps led him to lose out on several big budget films.

 which in turn may have contributed to his you know state of mind is something that has been discussed widely on social media but wherther this is true or not what are the facts of the case did actually the late actor lose out on any film that sanjay leela bhansali planning and remember sanjay leela bhansali is a noted film director his lavish big budget film have made you know blockbusters and obviously for someone to have workred with hom puts him on a platform that many actor would aspire tobe apart of so in this context did the late actor on but any film that he colud done with sanjay leela bhansali or was planning to do with sanjay leela bhansali that’s primary motive of getting you know some questions answered by sanjay leela bhansali in legal procedure it’s called recording a statement and that’s what’s going to happen.


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