we have the spotters out and about in large numbers today you all what’s up it’s supercar blondie here in the home of Bugatti at Mall time and for an exceptionally unique explanation there is a totally different Bugatti directly here that I’m going to show you and you see the spot is simply run along the fence line the whole hi alright let me give you this vehicle this is so cool yet you’re simply going to need to watch it on my channel definitely good here we go now the back is extremely extraordinary what do you see here a huge X see this see here right down and here right down and that is propelled by the x-wing plane warrior from Star Wars however Bugatti calls it this year on sports we’re going to go with the X part of the property just we realize we comprehend what it should be called as of late they revealed the shear on Supersports 300 or more that was made for maximum velocities directly in a merchant world record this one here is made for cornering the shear on that broke the world speed record accomplish rates of around 400 and ninety kilometers an hour this one right here is topped at a maximum velocity of 350 kilometers an hour yet that is on the grounds that they need to attempt to concentrate on the cornering.

the grasp as opposed to maximum velocities you’re taking a gander at an entirely different front for a Chiron and this has gotten substantially more forceful here this comes over the over the headlights this is being broadened this entire air consumption here is likewise more extensive so you’re taking a gander at an entire they’ve taken off 50 kilos from the standard shear on the primary way is directly here with these wheels these are much lighter than the standard shear on wheels you perceive what they look like a bug catching network the tire really inclines in towards the top so you can just observe the base of the tire there from the front and not this part and that is on the grounds that it’s for better hold while you’re cornering so the entirety of the tires do that they all lean in at the top in light of all the slowing down done right all through corners the brakes are going to get extremely hot so as to adapt to the sheer measure of warmth they have really made the wheels out of magnesium rather than carbon fiber so that really attempts to scatter the warmth from out of this zone these are bolt sharp edges made out of carbon fiber.

that really makes like a pull thusly makes more downforce these are really 3d printed parts made out of titanium and that is additionally to spare weight this saw fit together where it says Bugatti you can really redo that and you can put anything there envision like X on the back that’d be very cool right sheer on motor a 1/8 lead w16 that we’ve 15 strength and they’ve quite changed the gearbox implies that you can change between the gears much more rapidly it quickens a 40% all the more rapidly out of corners then the standard Chiron envision that feeling 40% speedier zero is 102 point three seconds while the standard Sharon is two point four seconds these things may appear little changes however when you in the driver’s seat they are gigantic you have this lovely example here that has been lasered into the Alcantara and afterward you have the entirety of this sewing that is new on the seats and furthermore enormous boards here of Alcantara and that is to spare weight everything is centered around sparing load in.

 this vehicle and expanding downforce there’s a games in addition to mode you folks now this is the place we talk about the floating part so what that does is the point at which you put it in that mode it will take into account the vehicle to rest out so you can really float around corners before the foothold control really goes ahead goes OK folks we’ve get control over it a tad so it will take into consideration that float though on a standard Chiron the foothold control will persuasively get the vehicle significantly faster and it’s constrained to 60 vehicles that is it that is all they’re going to make of them OK I’ve not just got this vehicle to show you all today there is a mind boggling arrangement over yonder of all the most recent Sheeran’s all that it’s alright I won’t talk about it we should simply go see this is Frank everybody you realize Frank what man no doubt truly great this is the new Ford shake that is going near so you realize attempting to maintain a strategic distance from the infection and capable right it’s either this I believe there’s nobody also and afterward the foot one we’re moving rehearsing throughout the day we’ve had a couple of Falls.

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presently we have it better believe it so this is Frank you all here’s the delegate structure chief did I get that privilege Edie no doubt immaculate there you go and you all know Frank from my channel he’s on with me all when we talk about Bugatti in light of the fact that Frank is the best essentially put we’re really going to get in this vehicle Frank is going to drive it we’re really going to see it moving just because good they go look in development in flight and shock in the setup isn’t excessively mind boggling okay so we have such a great amount to discuss we’ll experience these ones out of a second however we should take a gander at this new child first who did you make this for well with the Supersport we’ve made a vehicle that is made for tops no doubt then we have which is the center item for shoe on a national game.

this is the unadulterated game which is bringing it into the other heading right which is nimbleness and taking care of so do you figure individuals will purchase both there will be authorities with having both no carports yes that is franticness so this present one’s truly for like cornering and floating I never thought I’d state a Bugatti is for floating yet there you go for the talented driver without a doubt you’re seeing me like don’t float beautiful spot well you haven’t had a floating listen I’ve had yet I don’t believe I’m at where I can float Abu Garcia no not going Expo right definitely I think I need a couple of more exercises we additionally have raised the diffuser with an a lot more extreme rake edge here we need to make downforce from the diffuser line and in addition to we have this overly lightweight printed from titanium through the printer from uranium which permits us to have some attractive misses and spare some additional weight alright thing that we needed to plan an additional covering around this to satisfy the 2.5 degree two point five millimeter range here each quality in the home area rules for travelers on the grounds that generally it’s simply too hazardous to even consider having in any case leanings goodness sure no doubt right that is insane we call those bolt edges and when the wheel pivots they really make a draft of air originating from within the wheel to the outside extricating the hot air from.

the brake and moderate like topping off the negative weight that we have here as an afterthought from the tail from the air ricocheting off this edge here it makes a negative weight and the wheel fills this negative weight and reattaches the wind current to the body side alright and on the genuine that is the reason we put likewise those plates additionally Olivia they keep the hot air from coming out of here and returning here so this is an issue that we used to have better believe it’s presently protected off as it’s escaping by the breeze OK fine okay we’ve discussed this one we must jump on we have such a significant number of various this is the world record speed slowing down vehicle the super games 300 or more you can see here.

 they’ve in reality left the entirety of the blood splashes on the facade of the vehicle and to keep it in that condition just to show that that was the second that it worked that world record that is quite cool it broke the 300 mile for every hour obstruction so this one will never be washed we can never wash it lamentably with likewise the first box well it has a champ yet it remains down it remains in and speed low right we’ve reached out to append the wind current for to the extent that this would be possible and domain estimated edge so you perceive how much longer it is you all and afterward when you accomplish the maximum velocity records that stay down while on that vehicle over yonder in light of the fact that this present one’s made for cornering this one is a repaired wing that stays the fixed wing doesn’t move we’ve annihilated the kinematics to safe weight definitely it remains in that position so’s a significant contrast between those two shirin’s you all this present one’s constrained to 30 just 30 at three and a half million euros OK how about we proceed onward I completely love these back flights these are stunning they’re extremely three-dimensional in that spot so double reason too and dispensing with that additionally separating heat from the motor inlet so they’re ventilation too there you go um here this one is really motivated by the EB 110 however this no doubt it’s sort of made right it’s wrong the truth is out and we have certain references to the EB 110 no doubt, thinking back to the 90s.


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