Saudi Arabia's Hyper SUV

we have the entirety of the vehicles truly driving in right presently to be put in the school and period right currently driving in we are very brave I’m truly intrigued like that these cards first Riyadh Carter ever and these cards been flown in looks for this show it’s known as the riad seasons and it resembles vehicle shows thus numerous other diverse amusement shows all going on throughout the following scarcely any months in Saudi it’s daily before everything opens and we’ve strolled into this gigantic lobby so all that you see right presently is really going to go available to be purchased OK you see what’s going on here where the motor is clearly sort of outside the body of the vehicle something like this wouldn’t as a rule be street lawful in Saudi Arabia yet on the off chance that you get it at the give you will be given an exceptional grant for your vehicle so you can drive it around on open streets in Saudis that is truly cool so just in the event that you get it at the Riyadh vehicle show you get the unique license so be it I’m seeing vehicles here that I’ve never observed it some other vehicle show on the planet we should Jesse Tyler Chris no doubt.

I can talk twenty 200 and fifty million dollars worth of vehicles would here twenty four vehicles that you’ve transported in only for the recovery Motor Show in the principal they have a police foundation show too I saw this in the state so they acquired all the experts from the US simply practicing right now for tomorrow who realized it would be so cold in Saudi Arabia so he would Terry the real thing we’re going to endeavor a salute yes I’m certain he has it away shut off yet it’s drawing nearer and this is the real the latrine better believe it this is enormous version number houses on five meter greater than the last one goodness sweetheart this is the vehicle I’m going to utilize today around evening time I have to this is one alright okay here we are with the vehicle so not done anything to the motor no the motor I’ve really utilized the diesel motor I’m going it a diesel motor also is there a purpose behind that since it was the lightest Haeckel models the windows are plastic the entirety of the internals are the course that is simply extremely light well congrats ahead of time no doubt well.

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we should trust so what’s he doing hold up is this how we’re getting around today better believe it is this how you’re going to give me this is my idea camera I call the cops Oh splendid so does that have like exceptional lights or something or does it do anything like idea II no I don’t think so you all observing right now you may resemble we don’t appear as though we’re in Saudi Arabia I’m not wearing an abaya you’re not wearing kandura definitely customary talking a conventional dress in light of the fact that such a significant number of things are changing so rapidly no doubt they’ve completely opened up to sightseers now just because the first run through and it’s all simply changed so rapidly like totally and I’ve been driving around Saudi Arabia for ladies that simply opened up I believe it resembles a year back it’s simply it’s modernizing I’ll be your local escort it’ll be my local area expert on the vehicle no doubt impeccable on the grounds that I don’t think nothing about vehicles Ollie we just by simply purchasing and driving like genuinely.

that is the thing that this station is about you don’t should be a vehicle geek to watch this station we absolutely get you the vast majority simply love the vibe of vehicles they need to see a couple of cool devices they need to get it and drive it right no doubt what do you drive g-class Oh decent vehicle 19 gracious the enhanced one no doubt the upgraded one Dejan OK we’ll need to up your G class with this one how about we see what do you figure good should we should we give show him to somebody OK this is it this is the vision 2030 I’ll be the one the first no doubt this is the first run through it’s come out of the Riyadh vehicle show it was simply propelled yesterday we’re in the budgetary region here in Riyadh in the capital the primary thought behind this vehicle is that it resembles a supercar for off-road so you can drive it rough terrain the back wheels are correct so they’re 22 inch and afterward look how thick the tires are so this is really a similar sort of tire you have on your G Wagon Oh SUV on the base supercar on the top these are the taillights so marker brake light and opposite light you have the f1 brake light here which is somewhat cool we’ve experienced here Ibrahim no doubt.


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