T50 Propeller Hypercar

supercar hypercar levels of supercar alright that is what we’re discussing what is it’s really gordon murray’s first ever supercar delivered under gordon murray car so who is gordon murray you may be asking he was really the cerebrum youngster behind the mclaren f1 and sergi is somewhat amped up for this one right since they look the equivalent buy in to the supercar blimey family no doubt what he said goodness so gordon murray was really the person behind mclaren f1 the mclaren f1 is the quickest normally suctioned v12 on the planet it was delivered back in the mid 90s they just made and six f-ones and they are presently so significant one really sold for 16 million dollars a few years prior and the normal cost of one now in case you’re hoping to get one you may have the option to get your hands on one for around 20 million dollars this is a vehicle worked during the 90s 20 million dollars now gordon who is behind the f1 has really set up his own car producing organization and he has recently delivered film of his absolute first supercar under that brand the inquiry is has he made a far better vehicle than.

 the f1 OK here’s gordon folks hi to the super club bundy family throughout the previous year and a half i’ve been chipping away at something rather extraordinary and I trust you like it thank you gordon OK there you go folks year and a half it’s taken to create at this vehicle currently we’re getting a first look here as should be obvious it resembles a serious smooth moderate structure and they’ve done that deliberately they truly need to ensure that this vehicle looks similarly as current in 30 years as it does now likewise it’s excessively selective just 100 of these vehicles will be made and the cost a little more than 3 million dollars for every vehicle currently what’s very unique about this vehicle is you’re going to need to see where the driver sits OK hang tight for that and similarly as we’re returning around the of the vehicle look at that take a gander at that you see that enormous round thing in the center that is really a fan it’s 40 centimeters across and what they needed to do isn’t conceal this fan’s fascinating that the f1.

the mclaren f1 likewise had fans however they were covered up so relatively few individuals really realized that they were utilizing fans for better downforce and for better wind stream over and underneath the vehicle gordon has said that on his vehicle he needs those practical components to be viewed as genuine plan highlights what do you all consider it I think it really looks truly cool um i’ve never observed that on the rear of a vehicle and when I originally observed I resembled what is that and I think many individuals will say have a similar response when you drive past them or simply observe it out and about like wow what is that thing on the back buddy it resembles it spits blazes it resembles a fly contender and afterward you turn it on it’s exactly what’s your opinion of the fence is that one of the primary highlights on this vehicle that you go damnation yes like I love this element that like makes the vehicle no doubt OK there you go you have the master supposition in that spot from sergi much thanks you see the t50 there on the back for what reason is this vehicle called the t50 on the grounds that gordon murray has been structuring vehicles throughout the previous 50 years so it resembles a tribute to that that is a significant pleasant structure how the lead lights are isolated in three pieces you have this honeycomb sort of impact all through the back now this thing here that is the thing that.

 I was discussing before this really takes care of air straight down into the motor and what I like about this is you can see straightforwardly down into the motor and what I hear is those windows really open so you have two dihedral entryways and afterward you have two additional windows at the back that open up to the motor which is very cool this motor is the lightest v12 ever constructed separated from the one that I made out of tissue rolls and it is likewise the most noteworthy firing up motor ever in a street vehicle it gets up to a record-breaking 12 100 rpm yes what intrigues me more isn’t the numbers yet how it’s really going to sound we have been informed that it will shout and i’m amped up for that when you have a v12 you need to hear it shout so I can’t hold on to really hear what it seems like this v12 motor puts out a little more than 650 torque as we circumvent the front you’re going to see a little identification when you see this identification out and about that is the point at which you’re going to realize it’s a gordon murray car configuration currently it has these wonderful dihedral entryways we’re heading inside.

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this is my preferred spot take a gander at this so you really sit in the vehicle now you go well where have I seen that before the mclaren f1 right so there is a touch of closeness there between the f1 sitting in the center and this one and afterward you have two travelers either side of you and they sit only a tad behind you so you have one here one here however you are focused and you are further forward than your travelers that is so cracking cool yet you perceive how the entirety of the controls simply fold over the driver and afterward with the pedals they’re similar to a web development and that is really to spare weight this vehicle is about weight sparing the vehicle in general is too light it weighs under a thousand kilograms which is light for a supercar which is about a third lighter than the normal supercar so in light of the fact that it weighs so little it implies that they don’t must have a motor that puts out 900 000 pull they have a v12 motor that puts out around 650 strength but since the vehicle is so light it feels like you have a motor delivering 950 torque weight to control is really what they said that they were chipping away at so that is an immense segment of this vehicle exactly how lightweight each and every part is how about we prop up you see there on the in that spot’s that little red flip that is really where the beginning stop button is and he portrays it as like a rocket dispatch switch which is very cool so you have the entirety of that instrument board to one side of you just before that subsequent traveler seat and what he said is each of the 100 clients will have a fitting meeting so you go and you meet gordon murray himself and he will plan the driver’s seat the guiding haggle pedals around you as the proprietor so everything fits consummately it’s a six-speed manual in a h arrangement there are such a large number of supercars and hyper vehicles today where you can extremely just switch the gear with the oars sticks you know on either side of the directing wheel with this we’re returning to the times of really you know changing gears physically so I figure a ton of drivers will be truly amped up for that okay we should see that entryway open dihedral entryways and you can perceive how part of the rooftop opens too it’s sort of like my mclaren 720s they take out the top boards there now what is cool is there is an air admission simply over the driver’s head that goes about as an amplifier and it normally intensifies the sound of the v12 so you can hear it better inside the vehicle hi that is amazing that is really an innovation or a thought likewise taken from the mclaren f1 I wish my mclaren 720s I imagined that would be marvelous creation is going to begin in 2022 for those 100 clients and in the event that you get one they will really fly an expert to anyplace you are on the planet for my taste it looks a piece excessively downplayed for a 3,000,000 dollar supercar.

 I would need like more structure subtleties it’s somewhat excessively exemplary for me I realize he’s intentionally not put like evident air admissions or folds or wings as I would like to think in the event that they’re set perfectly on the vehicle they can add more dramatization and impact to the vehicle additionally believe that there’s a ton um of likenesses plan savvy among this and the f1 I would have wanted to have seen a vehicle that looks somewhat more current somewhat more cutting edge let me comprehend what you folks think about this vehicle in the remarks segment a huge enormous thank you to gordon murray and his group for sending me this restrictive film so you all can see when it was delivered far and wide on the supercar blondie channel um ensure you buy in on the off chance that you haven’t yet on the grounds that i’m getting some truly cool film sent from everywhere throughout the world this year and i’m going to give you that first OK folks I imagine that is it we’re out until next time bye folks bye didn’t he do such an extraordinary occupation I was working cheers.



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