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Pagani today we’re going to go inside to take a first look at the brand-new Pagani Huayra roadster BC we’ll also explore here at the HQ check out the museum see some of the cars from the past we’ll also go to the assembly plant to see the newest ones being produced but most importantly I’m excited to see the new Huayra roadster BC so let’s head straight on in there and go check it out this is the new Pagani factory it’s actually a building designed by Horacio Pagani himself you will spot the Zonda parked just there as well but we’re gonna head on in the museum it’s just inside the doors we’ll be going straight through though I think to take a look at this new car here we go take a look in here the car is arriving but just beast your eyes over the assembly hall here that down there is the new Pagani Huayra bird stir BC this Wow actually you designed to the car the air oh look at that wing this whole room sounds mightily impressive as well there’s a lot to talk about in here as well but let’s head straight down then and take a look at this let’s get started then up close to go through all of the details of the new car but.

 I am very excited right now because they have just invited me later on to jump on board the prototype version of the Roadster BC to go out for a ride to experience what it’s like so don’t go anywhere but first up let’s take a walk around to go through the details and I think you’re probably noticing immediately the aggression of the Huayra roadster be see it has massively been dialed up around the front you’ve got the extension of this front splitter you have the flicks and canards around the side you’ve got those new louvers with almost a gurney integrated into the front of them if you come towards the back that gigantic rear wing sitting there high up in the air and the full width of the car as well then down below the diffuser also very aggressive and housing new exhaust tailpipes are surprised down there in addition to the four that you have at the back and I’ll talk more about those in a moment it’s wearing the number 20 on the side representing Pagani’s 20th anniversary this year 2019 since their first Zonda back in 1999 and that car as well also actually connects to the name of this the first ever customer of ratio Pagani was Benny Cola and his initials BC are now being warned by their more track-focused and racetrack orientated cars which of course is exactly what this is but don’t be fooled there is also some reworked suspension to make it more comfortable the car has a new engine entirely new bodywork when compared to the Pagani Huayra roadster as well so there is a lot to talk about when.

 it comes to this if we rewind back a little bit the Huayra was introduced about six or seven years ago the first one with a six litre twin-turbocharged v-12 making 730 horsepower that was followed by the Huayra bc of which there were only 20 units power was taken up to 755 and then after that came this car the pirate roadster a hundred of these power up again 706 all horsepower in fact but since this the new car has a new engine working again with AMG the engine that finds itself into this is actually the one that’s being developed for the next generation Pagani codenamed c10 where the Huayra is actually the c9 and this car from at six litre twin-turbo v12 actually makes a gigantic 802 horsepower and 1050 Newton meters that’s connected as well to the 7-speed extract automated gearbox as seen before for a proper real and raw experience and that’s what the choir offers from my first experience driving it although things have changed quite substantially since it is very much of a work of art just kind of have a look quickly here at the interior lightweight components wherever possible the entire weight of this and remember it’s an open top convertible is actually just one thousand two hundred and fifty kilos that’s 30 kilos lighter than the Roadster even though it has the addition of all of this extra Aero padding more body work being made from lightweight carbon fiber and some of the materials that go into this are actually truly astonishing let me quickly show you inside here it’s built around their carbotanium tub so the lightweight carbon fiber tub that you have even carpets removed now and replaced with carbon fiber and this is one thing that’s actually pretty cool if I just demo the whole bodywork is carbon if you listen to the noise you get that kind of tapping noise on anything carbon if you look at the floor they’ve given it additional damping properties and it’s very very muted all the details like that even the roof panel you can spot just over there which we’ll have a look at later on all done to make it quiet as well and refined while also being immensely hardcore I think when you close the door the window slides back up there but just look at this look at it it still has the design that we love from the wire underneath that of course is such a flagship piece but everything about this car has been updated.

 I think they said not one bodywork part is shared with the Roadster it is all new for the Roadster BC so there are forty units plus there four prototypes.
if we look up close you still have the active Aero flaps here at the front also at the rear you can see those rear flaps lift it up at the moment but down here just look at this of course a lot of cooling flow needed and in fact let’s take a lot of aerodynamics inside the car have also been reworked to give it the downforce figure that it has 500 kilos in total of course that means there’s a lot of pressure down on towards the front end particularly on braking so they’ve even recalibrated the software so that it uses the front air lift system to actually press up against the front pushing down if it thinks it might be a loading it too far because remember flat bottom floor venturi effect this thing they actually said in testing they achieved 1.9 consistent G’s cornering and a peak of 2.2 those are some pretty big numbers thanks in part to a new tire a new Pirelli PZero Trofeo are we’ve got also got new wheels 20 inch at the front 21 inch at the rear to the car well entirely carbon lightweight components fully updated looking spectacular sounding amazing as we heard as well earlier on and just look at the work going on through there I’m gonna lift up the rear clam as well so we can take a better look at that but first even here look at the openings all four airflow around the side of the car I mentioned also these louvers the gurney flap style the way they lift up and pick up that’s to create an area of low pressure just behind so the airflow can be sucked and pulled through the car to keep it as clean as possible and again even the rear wing have a look at this if you’re wondering why you’ve got these additional fins for example here those are to do with cleaning up the air that’s coming over the back of the car likewise around the side to maximize the downforce that you get out of it you can see the engine just through that glass window a stunning external thing we’re gonna reveal in more detail in a second let me just open up the door we’ve got these lovely latches just open these very quickly who says always have little bit of a challenge no we got feed that through release the latch I’m gonna head around to the other side to do exactly the same around here before we can fully open it up so you have the door handle pulls just there pull that open then you’ve got these latches just pull it up this way release that release the catch even this rear clamp is easy to open just one-handed and you get that astonishing view behind there so the new engine and new display as well still wearing the mg quarterback being developed and built by AMG at their base an initiative grant in Germany but back here an absolute work of art this the new power plant all finished in carbon-fiber lightweight everything as thin as possible but still extremely strong as well you can see the independent suspension the electronically controlled independent suspension and just look at the purple of the titanium of the exhaust system but one of the things about a Pagani is the attention to detail everything that you look at for example all the bolts all have a Pagani logo on them these are the storage compartments one on each side where you can get the fitted luggage it also fits just behind the seats everything about it is a masterpiece look at the width of those tires 355 section tires at the rear gigantic things 265 at the front slightly wider than on the Roadster before but again all the details all of the etching the Roadster BC interior of it where the key is actually here as well the roadster itself introduced a keyless system so the key for the car is here in the shape of a Huayra thank you very nice the lock and unlock buttons on the top of it that can sit in place just there and then you hit the start/stop button in front.

this is actually another detail the shift knob this is inspired by horacio pagani have a Porsche 917 so the wooden finish interlaced with carbon fibre we can come around and just actually see a little bit of that and with the sample pieces you’ve got here really really nice touch and just like back in the old Porsche race car now here is another example of some of the carbon fiber the original wire had a carbon piece which is pretty strong but you can bend it then for the Huayra roadster they used new styles new methods made it even stronger still bend it but much much harder then you’ve got the Roadster BC’s material and this is like not really bending as hard as I push it so you can see they’ve upgraded and improved through the years also here the roof panel four kilos lighter than the one on the Roadster by not having a glass roof by having it just made from carbon fiber with the design livery over the top but also those two things again helping with airflow that goes over the top of the car so really and truly you just look at this everything about it is so so magnificent all the details here the meshing they create it they don’t just use you know a normal criss-cross mesh they have their own design entirely the LED running lights they’re in that lower Aero part as well I am mulling blown walking around here the carbon brakes you even have roads to be see there on the wheels as well.
all of the details just absolutely breathtaking and amazing amazing amazing to look at and explore and down here as I alluded earlier you now have these additional exhaust tips which are I believe effectively straight pipes meaning you will hear even more sound out of the car and it’s actually the first Pagani to feature a switchable exhaust valve button which is just down here you’ve got these two buttons one for extra comfort and one with the four exhaust tailpipes to open the valves and make it all touch noisier look at this look at the ink interlinked system you have there how exposed at all is magnificent details everywhere what a car and one opportunity to take a first look at it opening transformer mode the front clamp also opens upwards as well and as onder’s you could store away the soft fabric roof in the wire is of course with the fixed target off that’s not necessarily possible for this car 1250 kilos only 35 kilos heavier actually than the BC hoop a despite having a new and more powerful engine up on the horsepower slightly down from the 1100 Newton meters of torque but all updated upgraded and pretty much entirely new Wow it’s time then back out in the sunshine to experience this the prototype of the Pyrrha goats the BC of course and decorated in camouflage this is their test car they’ve been putting miles on this this new engine and the sound of it is actually completely different to the cars before so prototype not final production car but let’s take a step inside here one thing just to really quickly show you harnesses or they can tuck away into that pouch behind which is really quite convenient so stepping in test car loaded with lots of equipment close the door belt up and then we’re gonna head on out experience small amount of what this is like how do we go then so this is always an exciting moment to experience the car we’re currently in small mode but the noise of it as he discovers on house hearing the south why inves wishes have you in the mirror the little wing maranatha door mirrors hanging out on the front wings the downshift very fast as well 90% quicker on the wire roadster about 75 milliseconds like this it dries pretty well Wow Wow hope some banks that exhaust system is epic listen to those sounds it just cracks around glass sucking in swooshing noise it’s all so previously when the packet zone capacitor October about notifications investor was introduced you know all those extra bags out the exhaust be seen in that an hour we’re back in comfort there and this is where you could have it in comfort with the exhaust valves open if you want to do just about button and you can make it extra soft as well if you wanted to with that button yeah with this we have the system for the Mac suite 14 system have a limit for the strategy 120 km/h okay if you if you have a it’s in a soft super soft but after $120 per hour we’ve seen that a normal fall for in the same time in the [Music] sound about the you and it went right in the race all of the south Wow it sounds so good that’s up at the back as well over 1,000 is for my freedom erasing with the roof off you also got these extra pieces with the factory flanges about having those on it the Flex near the wind away it’s actually not very blustery until at all in here in the whole new Wow like Charles out there on the roof Fintan finishing quality so nice Brewery Alcantara him the dark arts what gets down here until last open adorable factory or sound what’s next then is for me to hop on out very quickly so that we can jump to the outside and hear how this exhausts the sounds so every come round just so we can take a little listen for this from the back look at the exhaust tip sticking out right let’s hear how it sounds that’s really strange because you’re expecting the sounds come from here the lots of it comes out from down at the bottom in here with the valves closed and Emin half when it makes those cracks it’s like a gunshot going off you just have to hold your fingers in your ear right so that was quite an experience with the prototype then that’s gonna be packed back away short little run out to get a feel for what.

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this was actually like out on the road well that was pretty epic but I’m back now at the factory kicking off with a quick tour of the museum because there are some very special and significant colors in here to explore up this line and the first one rotating in front of us is actually a Zonda land Nonna that means grandmother this was the second Zonda prototype and it’s a special car as well for me because I actually experienced probably the ride of my life in this car about six or seven years ago but basically it’s been through all of the different different iterations it started life then it became an S than an F than a Cinque then a 760 now it’s been retired with over half a million kilometers on the clock if we continue up a few of the different variants the Zonda s with the 7.3 then you’ve got the Zonda F limited to just 25 that’s the first one of those the F standing for Fangio we’ve also got an F roadster then the Zonda Cinque roadster this is number five out of five Cinque the Italian word literally for five they made five cout pays five roadsters and this is regarded as one of the very best the next two that we’ve got the Zonda R chassis number seven this is the car that set the nürburgring Nordschleife record back at the time and look at the rear look at that engine Wow stunning stunning work going on there the assistance the pipe work back towards the exhaust as well of course without the rear clam it would normally be with a ginormous wing going on back here but this as a place to explore also joined by some of the models some the various different things the artworks the sketches the history of Pagani as a company now 20 years old but having created these unbelievable cars if we just continue down this is one of the prototypes as well of the Pagani Huayra the original choir I think this might even be the very car that I test drove as well back at the time wasn’t entirely sure but in any case you can see how its evolved into the car that we’ve been looking at today as well with some of these astonishing models – great great great detail in this whole area also cast the Horatio raced built different projects he worked on as well in his younger days – so this as a little museum is a great place to see some of the history and learn a little bit about where this all came from now though straight into the factory – the assembly Department the production line right behind me whether happens let’s take a little look around here but before we go into some detail just taking in the venue itself Pagani opened this facility a couple of years ago designing it from the ground up specifically for the purpose and if you look around in the background all of this brickwork on the walls and the pillars is all designed to be in the modern YZ style the local style of brickwork but all specially made just for Pagani even the logo up there on the wall as well so at the back you’ve got the composites department where the carbon fiber is manufactured upstairs all the different molds being made to create the body parts the internal parts some of the smaller components as well the autoclaves are up at the very back and then down here you have a couple of stages on the assembly line where the cars literally come together this is such a clean neat and tidy environment lots of space around the cars and you can see how they go from the carbon fibre tub that we’re looking at right here through towards the completed car that you’ve got behind but this with the cage section going over the top there are a hundred different types of setup of carbon fibre the way it’s manufactured in terms of the different layers and materials that are actually used through the various components within the car we come past actually just to see one that’s a little bit further through the process here you’ve got a number of components installed the front sub assembly the ceramic discs huge huge discs for every components so neat and tidy and clean in its finish and Pagani have always had this really large style weave in the carbon of course protected so doesn’t get damaged while it’s being worked on here and this spiral roadster have a look at the engine of course this is now while the c9 engine slightly previous one handcrafted by Michael Kubler famously known as f1 Mike in a falter back that’s again the six dieter that’s went arrow b12 but just look at all of this look at the suspension setup look at the artwork of that exhaust literally it’s a magnificent thing to actually behold again you can see visual differences in the various bits of carbon that’s a titanium used basically all lightweight components wherever possible to make these cars ultimately as light as they can be when they are fully assembled you can see them in more detail but even the racks carrying things around here are all beautifully presented all tidy all spacious all well more like a museum than an assembly plant.

 a factory to give you more of a sense of the quality have a look at these the Roadster door cards getting ready to go in here made from ostrich leather in fact but all beautifully beautifully prepared to remember every single car is created bespoke with.the different materials the different colour combinations the different finishes it’s a full process that takes six to eight months to have the car actually built and that’s when you’ve already decided how exactly you want it to be here the central console as well you can see all of the switchgear again machined I’m looking at beautiful here we’ve got the rear sub assembly the engine being mated to the framework that goes around it before it’s taken over to the car and then have a look again at what I was saying about the presentation look at the components that you have here also for a wire of roadster the engine covers you can see the roads the lettering the central console you’ve got the roof switch gear they’re having a look up look at the machined pirate roadster badge a lovely lovely piece that’s actually machined from one large block you’ve got some of the suspension components up top as well all painted and finished in the gold and looking lovely everything that goes into the cars is a work of art before it’s actually even placed into the car itself have a quick look at these the autoclaves effectively the ovens for carbon this first one is actually Horatio Pagani’s original autoclave it’s being painted to match with the others but this is when you start using carbon fiber and learning how to use it for these components the other two are of course ginormous they.

 need to be large enough in order to fit the carbotanium tubs also the large components like the side skirts the rear clamshell which is of course huge as well and a look at the details absolutely others painted with Pagani of course but even here you’ve got carbon fiber with the same style of nazi’s on the cars this is all the attention for detail everywhere you look around this location well that’s been a bit of a whistle-stop tour taking in the factory in the museum seeing a little bit more about how the likes of the Pagani Huayra come together there is one thing in front of me though still to show you just here just like the rest of the building they have the modern a style clock tower which actually chimes on the hour as well but we came to see this to take this car in which is really and truly something to behold the more I’ve learnt about it the more.

 I understood of it I’ve seen the steps ahead and the movements on words from an engineering perspective but also still looking so good still being a work of art the thing Pagani’s are always famed for is how they manage to look this car mixes significant amounts of aerodynamic downforce along with a car that still manages to look so good as well but the ceiling of the mirrors always such an iconic thing but the aggression of the aero integrated to the smoothness of the gurney flaps around the front those sharp lines and the color scheme of this car in particular with the exposed carbon fibre the primary color of the metallic silver but also the red and white accents that you have around and no doubt when customers start configuring their their cars out of the 40 they’re going to be made in the background they’re going to come up with some amazing designs what they can achieve what they how they can make them look as well for me though I’ve enjoyed today’s experience an awful lot discovering about this hearing a lot more about it and I hope you’ve enjoyed being able to see both this car for the first time see a little bit of the experience going out in one and of course of where they’re actually manufactured and assembled as well here at the Pagani Factory in Italy well all good things have to come to an end but what a visit again here to the factory of Pagani they’re based just outside of moderner in Italy today we’ve checked out the brand new wire a roadster BC do let me know in the comments down below what you think of the new car the opportunity to go out to experience it though something pretty memorable for me as well hearing those noises the back fire cracks but just seeing the car and taking it all in as well as looking and exploring here in the museum and on the assembly line to see as I said where the magic happens so thank you very much for watching as always I appreciate your support an awful lot and an extended thanks as well to forgot me the opportunity to come down today to take a look around and to be able to share it with you so that’s it for this time thank you very much as always for watching and I’ll see you again very soon Cheers you..


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