New Rolls Royce Phantom

we’ve a considerable amount today I have the new rolls-royce ghost currently it’s been coming down here in Frankfurt and probably the coolest component of moves royce is that they have an inbuilt umbrella in the vehicle come see this open up the back and press this connection rolls-royce umbrella how freakin sweet is that you can in reality simply go on the web and purchase this umbrella for 500 and fifty dollars OK you could go down to your neighborhood scrap yard and purchase a whole vehicle no doubt yet I’d much rather something like this in that goes and to close this indirect access you simply press this little catch closes since when you own an imperial Rolls Royce II too extravagant to even consider closing entryways on your own only sort of how it functions you need me to show for you since that is what you’re fouling up this is the thing you all before I at any point drove a rolls-royce I resembled you would prefer not to drive a rolls-royce their vehicles to be chauffeured in right then I drove one and afterward I drove another and constantly time I was a thousand percent persuaded.

this is a vehicle you need to drive this isn’t a vehicle that you simply need to be chauffeured in the back the increasingly more I Drive them the more I state I love driving a Rolls Royce despite the fact that it resembles extremely substantial and huge it doesn’t feel that way and it is such an unbelievable encounter I’m going to clarify why in only a subsequent we should get in this yellow funneling this detail here the yellow fastens on this ice white shading look how thick this is wow that is insane you know why in a vehicle like this you should simply take your shoes off and simply be kneaded by the rug goodness and that feels great that feels great so pleasant I know a ton of you are new to my channel so on the off chance that you don’t have the foggiest idea who Lucy is she is my Lamborghini Huracan and she has this epic paint work that took three weeks all hand painted I’m currently hoping to get a subsequent vehicle.

 I’m essentially a hundred percent persuaded that I ought to get a rolls-royce in a vehicle like this the entryway is I mean it’s so thick you would prefer not to connect like this privilege so on the off chance that you don’t have the foggiest idea about this which I’m certain you do at this point Rolls Royce has an epic little catch here that shuts the entryway for you bounce in hop in alright simply tune in to how boisterous it is the entire world vanishes everything you can hear in this vehicle is the aircon that is it I love driving my Huracan and one reason for that is a direct result of the sound I even love the wonderful way it sounds it’s so noisy it’s so experiential yet that is actually the motivation behind why I love driving a Rolls Royce in light of the fact that it is the specific inverse experience you don’t hear anything truly not at all like the cable car is simply going you don’t hear anything nothing in this vehicle have you all observed the promotion that they did with this apparition it called rules revampey.

 they have Gwendolyn she’s woman Brienne in Game of Thrones and they utilized her for this advertisement and they totally change the guidelines of an ordinary rolls-royce driver and what you ought to do with the rolls-royce generally a rolls-royce you would think OK it’s for multi year elderly person who is going to drive it to the Opera and back and his better half will be sitting in the front seat venturing out of what is viewed as ordinary and inside limits is actually what rolls-royce has finished with this new advertisement they are pushing the limits they are stating do you comprehend what we don’t need to resemble each other brand where we simply show the vehicle that is truly smooth’s everything excellent simply being washed it glances in its best condition we’re going to drive it around certain slopes we’re going to do some Beauty shots of the vehicle and Bank there’s your vehicle include exhausting.

 we have seen this for such huge numbers of years it’s exhausting Rolls Royce resembles how about we accomplish something else how about we address the individuals this is the thing that we need this is the way they’re going to utilize the vehicle it’s alright for a vehicle to be messy it’s alright to step out of those limits and accomplish something else here is the this is the end the finish of all the exhausting notes may need to well with wrongs I never have staff ensure the Phantom is perfect and adequate keep up the right picture expected of a rose the most intense clamor you ought to hear is the ticking of the clock his consideration must be taken best assembling Terrence cautious dear all shout with me it’s sort of what I’m attempting to do with my station too many individuals resemble you’re not a regular vehicle analyst you don’t reveal to all of us the vehicle details you don’t you don’t have the foggiest idea what you’re discussing the entirety of this privilege really I’m attempting to accomplish something else.

 there are such huge numbers of stations that do the entirety of that and they do it outrageously well there are bunches of vehicle writers making an awesome showing I need to do things any other way there are no principles it’s YouTube there are no cracking universes you can do anything you desire sensibly speaking clearly and you can’t have individuals simply disclose to you your entire life what you’re permitted to do and what is satisfactory and what’s relatively few of us simply need to fit in that is the manner by which we feel our best as individuals right we fit in everybody acknowledges us and on the grounds that we’re not doing anything any other way so you can fit in however you won’t stand up fitting in is simple yet folks in the event that you need to be fruitful in life you must accomplish something else you must push the limits and you must experience that hurt and that agony to arrive you realize this excursion has not been simple for me it has been actually a crush you may see this station and go gracious my god she just gets given these vehicles yet to get to that point folks it’s not been simple thus.

 I simply needed to tell you I know a ton of you and new to my station you don’t generally know my excursion and where I’ve originated from I experienced childhood in a little nation town of 3,000 individuals and I was given excellent instruction by my folks I’m incredibly appreciative for that they sent me to a decent school and college and afterward after that I resembled simply off you go accomplish something with your life that is what was anticipated from me I didn’t get any more help after that I ate copper noodles consistently at college I was maintaining two sources of income on my investigations this was not simply given to me I truly endeavored to get to where I am today I’m going to do an entire other video blog of supercar blondie venture thus pay special mind to that video that will be coming out actually soon this resembles their head of the range 400 and fifty thousand dollars I’m driving really I’m driving significantly more than that since 400 and fifty thousand dollars resembles entrance level ghost and afterward you get all the alternatives on top which this vehicle has this is really adjustable you can have your own style arrangement in the rooftop press that it’s a six point seven five liter v12 twin turbo. 

it produces 563 torque they have figured out how to move more than two tons worth of vehicle zero to 100 in a little more than five seconds which is the point at which you think about it speedier than any typical family OK I think this person knows me since he has his almost no children so I just headed over to see hold tight whoopsie hi my alright sorry fine this comes out and this is the place you control the entirety of what’s on the dashboard which is really not called the dashboard it’s known as the Galleria in this vehicle and I’ll discuss that in a second yet from here the control you can go into the Spirit of Ecstasy here and afterward control whether you need it up or down right now it’s outdated more slow it gone I wouldn’t ever need to drive a Rolls without seeing the Spirit of Ecstasy by and by OK let me raise it up regardless of whether you’re a recreation center some place and somebody attempts to spiel yet take your soul of delight since it’s made of jewels or whatever on the off chance that you do attempt to do that in the event that you attempt and pull it off that is the thing that happens two huge bags in the back no issues so it’s a major vehicle as well as it’s pragmatic you can fit things inside.

 Oh presto there you go now this bit here is really called the display it resembles a craftsmanship exhibition since the entirety of this behind the glass can be redone they have some standard choices like this one here yet on the off chance that you needed to what you could do is get for instance a composition of you and your family and put it behind the glass and have it as a display you can fundamentally do anything you desire the main thing is it despite everything must be crash-tried what is so delightful is this is only one board of glass stumbling into here which is truly cool and it implies you don’t get any fingerprints on anything here behind the glass everything just remains unblemished there’s an additional glove box it’s simply the typical one here that you have in many vehicles right and afterward this one here too this is the catch for that and that busts open you can keep a few knickknacks in there OK so here we are in the back which I haven’t sat in yet definitely like truly got pads it’s going to close this the entryway close catch is here what it gets Rocky which it never does ever a volume here and there button you can control from the back too look you have a little volume up button here volume down and this is very cool in the event that you need your feet up yet this entire tangle raises that has such an effect to your back like an old individual yet sincerely I do get back issues. 

I’ve in reality just takes all the strain off your lower back gracious my god I’m getting so old we should perceive what treats are in the middle here there’s no catch for this one which is astonishing haul that out and afterward catch and you there be a catch some place we love fastens so this is the means by which you control everything from the back in case you’re being chauffeured you can go to the menu you can do anything you desire this catch here is going to control this left screen so how about we bring that out blast see that there’s a conventional measured screen is that and afterward this is the way you can put on the back rub also you can put your back rub on in the rearward sitting arrangement and afterward you can overlay out the rights and watch anything you desire in the back alright how about we close with this one do you recognize what Nick said to me make us behind the camera he said on the off chance that I had a Rolls Royce I’d dispose of the considerable number of stars.


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