Meanest French Supercar Ever Made | Citroën GT

I can’t trust I’m going to drive these around Paris gracious my god so first time I’m seeing it glances far and away superior face to face than it does in the game this was really made for Gran Turismo on PlayStation 3 out of 2008 and look how cool it despite everything looks today this could have truly quite recently been propelled in 2020 and it would in any case be presumably one of the coolest looking vehicles out and about causing somewhat of a gridlock yet I don’t think individuals mind so everybody’s so eager to see the vehicle Wow OK here come the tags that is so energizing it just looks so extraordinary I wonder how individuals in Paris are going to react to it in every city it’s altogether different like in certain urban areas individuals simply like get off the street who do you think you will be you and your costly vehicle in different urban communities everybody resembles goodness my god it’s so are they and they like being be even path about you thus I truly wonder about Paris I haven’t generally determined a vehicle like this in Paris before I think the reaction so far is truly acceptable everybody has their telephones out vehicles are easing back down as they drive by what welcome to the supercar servitude model folks.

this is our main thing here on the channel we siphoned out the coolest vehicles on the planet and drive them around so you folks can see these wonders else they simply escape try to buy in to the channel however so much cool stuff occurring in 2020 attempting to get my words out in light of the fact that it’s so freezing right now this will be justified, despite all the trouble okay how about we go this is the second we’re going to pivot simply be set up for this sounds in no way like you’re expecting alright they fire up a bar ever OK you folks this is a Citroen GT it was made really in 2008 that is 12 years prior yet at the same time appears as though it could have recently been out in 2020 it looks extremely truly freakin cool OK open I sort of got this like butterfly entryway I’m going to get in OK so what stands apart first is clearly the copper year in a copper detail inside you have these off buttons here so’s what really kills the motor and this up here is the thing that you have a press to place it in first rigging right so.

 it resembles a little security include we have out hustling safety belts since this vehicle was made to race became it was intended to scare the damnation out of your serious in the simply the sound of the vehicle simply he’s additionally just makes you need to sort of somewhat like truly I was close then I have an inclination that I haven’t driven the vehicle yet I’m certain it’s going to be the craziest coolest driving experience I’ve needed to date and that is a great deal that is that that is truly insane to state since I’ve been driving some amazing vehicles I’ve been exceptionally blessed yet as of now I sense that threatened by this I do in light of the fact that it’s so compelling Wow and it looks so insane everybody’s going to watch and that is the issue when you drive something like this around town individuals get their telephones out all over and they don’t focus out and about and where they’re driving so truly you must be so cautious since individuals are much the same as shooting recording challenges they crash into you so I’m somewhat anxious about this present how about we check whether I go I’m more apprehensive at the way that dislike how I’m going to reach.

the alright it ought to be fine it’s a smidgen of a stretch I will make it work so Patrick’s going to accompany me this is fundamentally his infant this vehicle he’s been with the vehicle for a long time good so we presently profess to be extremely sure right now OK Patrick are you anxious no it’s fine I’m not either split and these ones up OK at that point fine them two this is the most expectation of hurt before beginning a vehicle hold up there we go OK prepared they need are you prepared OK it’s somewhat extraordinary to drive that is on the grounds that it has that six-speed consecutive gearbox essentially when you have an ordinary manual vehicle right you transport this way and you can really skip between gears you can go from first rigging in the third to fifth whatever suits in this gearbox you need to experience each and every apparatus you can’t skirt a rigging it’s really made for hustling it’s a dashing gearbox and when you get higher up into the apparatuses you can really shift gears without utilizing the grip so this will be a totally unique encounter to drive something like.

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this you change the gear down here and you move up here so simply these two little PlayStation fastens okay folks so we’re going to turn that before they get in first rigging right presently I’m going to press the wellbeing month and the primary feel here we are alright look first I’ll give you something that’s right OK so’s it and off we go OK here we go there it is Michaela I don’t have a word um well astounding cool insane um harrowing those are only a couple of words gracious my god you all I just drove the Sitchin GT that is simply while I quiet down from that experience I’m going to take you around the vehicle show you somewhat more about it I need to begin at the back really on the grounds that the back is truly what makes this so exceptional really the entire thing looks quite damn cool however we need to take a gander at this stretched back was explicitly made to terrify your opposition in the game Gran Turismo this was to give this vehicle genuine like more nearness out and about and yet the entirety of your rivals just to go goodness my god I get no opportunity take a gander at the back diffuser exactly how enormous that is here and afterward you have like this small scale vehicle coming out of the full vehicle so you have like it resembles birthing a little child vehicle out the back yet .

it’s really it looks extremely cool like this could have recently been the back here with no of this part you can envision that simply being cut off here right and being straight along the back yet then you have like this small wing that is being birthed out the back goodness man that looks so freakin cool and this really moves this is a portable wing so this bit goes here and there these side mirrors they look truly cool currently they’re coasting like coming out of here and afterward doing that cool seemingly insignificant detail goodness my god I’m much the same as don’t have the words right now that was my best French yes I really said do you like the vehicle in the most exceedingly awful French conceivable Wow OK great morning what’s that it’s everlasting goodness my god excellent that is the thing that I love about these that makes a network it makes fervor I’m going to purchase a Citroen straight away in the game.


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