Lotus Evija - The Most Powerful Car In The World!

this is the new Lotus of wrath and I need to take you around this excellence we have extraordinary access to this vehicle today we’re here in California however is freezing yet it is well worth coming over here today since this is I think one about the most delightful uncovers that has occurred at Pebble Beach this year and I need to take you through so accompany me I think the back for me is the place it gets ridiculously exceptional I mean simply investigate this glance at how the air gets through the side here right back through the back taillights this here is suggestive of like the afterburn in spite of the fact that max engine thrust on a stream we should simply have a short gander at from the start before we broadly expound this structure here on the lights you see these little lines here the architects needed to make that sort of seem as though warrior paint all over as you go into war you only sort of pull that warrior paint up the side of your cheeks and that is somewhat the plan tasteful that they were going for here at the forefronts the cool thing is that when you open these entryways when this is entirely underway you’re going to open the entryway from a catch on the key dandy so there is no catch here on the real entryway Lotus is back it’s back in the game this is insane this is the most remarkable creation vehicle on the planet simply consider that for a second the most remarkable creation vehicle on the planet is a Lotus and it’s completely electric is going to deliver 2,000 strength.

 this here is the charging port perceive how cool that will be that just opens up this way and this is a decent attachment your hand worked in Britain by Lotus this is really where all the batteries are directly here when you take a gander at state for instance a Tesla the batteries just they lie level along the base of the vehicle like this in this vehicle they’ve set all the batteries sort of stack them one on head of one another here implies that this vehicle will act like a run of the mill mid-motor games vehicle so it will have a similar sort of feel a similar sort of taking care of and moving as a Lotus regularly would simply look how low you are here you’re practically similar to contacting the street you’re sitting too low to keep that vibe of driving a too lightweight games vehicle while in the event that you had the batteries coming the base of the vehicle like this you’d be sitting up a decent like presumably this a lot higher than you would do something else so everything adds to like that lively feel and that energetic sensation when you’re driving the vehicle they have an engine on every one of the wheel so one here two in the front and every one of the engines produce about a similar sum torque so around 500 for each engine the avaya has some cool other little highlights here this will resemble a mystery James Bond compartment you simply push that and that compartment will come out so when you put it in turn around what happens is beti here from Lotus illuminates how cool is that little detail you see the inside line that goes through the driver’s seat here you can really customize this with whatever you’d like so you can put.

 I don’t have the foggiest idea about your better half’s name or your significant other’s name or your introduction to the world date or your wedding date so you remember it you can put that here in this little community line which is a serious decent component how about we get in this is truly cool so I don’t have the foggiest idea whether you folks have seen my video on the Renault Tresor this is just the second time that I’ve seen something this excellent in this hexagonal shape here on the on the middle camp comfort you see these little fastens hexagons currently they’ve done that for two reasons clearly it’s more effective right so in such a case that the catches are round got squandered space around the catch so hence they all sort of fit in together like this and furthermore this is on the grounds that you can then sort of feel your way around the catches with your hands you can focus making progress toward keep your hands on the controlling haggle of go this way and go gracious no doubt I know where there are volume here and there button is from feeling it you realize guiding wheel it’s small it’s extremely minuscule it feels extremely energetic the shape resembles in like a f1 watch what happens when I flick this over into track mode truly cool huh the breeze comes up a significant long way and furthermore the what are we called DRS challenges it’s getting excessively specialized and you see the DRS folds sort of come up too and it implies you have this monstrous measure of air filling those compartments at the back and it only sort of sucks the vehicle to the ground down here these are truly cool too.

 I like these little structure highlights you realize I believe that is extremely significant in a vehicle like this when you’re paying more than two million dollars it’s not just about how quick it can go it’s about how you feel when you’re in the driver’s seat taking a gander at all of these cool little highlights you’re similar to definitely that is the reason I paid more than two million dollars that is a cool plan include this is a cool plan highlight and you have a feeling that you are approved in going through that sort of cash you realize you need to be encircled in extravagance and cool little highlights and things that individuals have invested energy and exertion on in the plan creation of this vehicle what it has is a back view camera here and it’s very top notch goodness there you go gracious no doubt look no doubt I can see you top when you close this entryway what happens is the camera goes on so you can perceive what’s going on next to you so the camera is in reality here and afterward it comes out glance at that goodness presently folks that is cool what I’ve never observed that when you’re in ordinary street mode will come out naturally when the entryway closes yet then when you’re in track mode it’ll really withdraw return in so the vehicles too smooth should we do this go for a make it was insane like I love the plan not terrible, but not great either much on the off chance that I had the cash right currently out of the entirety of the vehicles that were uncovered on the grass yesterday I would get this one yet sincerely would I’m so intrigued by this I believe it’s so attractive I’ve never observed the back like this on a vehicle before I truly haven’t simply keep that between you and me however no doubt I don’t need them to know.

 how much my again this can be completely tweaked and you can place in any sort of valuable metals gold silver you could even have the Union Jack in precious stones and rubies in the event that you like likewise the equivalent goes for the Lotus single no doubt you can have this in gold or silver or whatever you might want OK there you go so I need to go along with you OK come in no doubt take a gander at the measure of room sign no doubt that is a serious similarity no doubt that is genuine tremendous what’s normally the it goes as far as possible up no doubt find it folks right through goodness that is truly cool no doubt and afterward you got the entryway opening catch no doubt world’s first individual to drive the new Lotus of aiya it’s going on right now here we are okay folks I trust you’ve appreciated the video offer us a speedy go-ahead and buy in to the channel in the event that you haven’t yet this is the place you get the opportunity to see the coolest vehicles on the planet I guarantee you okay a huge gratitude to Lotus thank you all not really good or bad much for letting me have select access to this vehicle and driving it around I outrageously need one okay folks that is it I’ll see you.


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