Koenigsegg Gemera

this is the new Koenigsegg Jumeirah and investigate Dory’s it gives you access to the front seats and furthermore the back seats so dislike you have to push the front seat down so as to get it just opens up this is such a mind boggling vehicle you all alright this is the world’s initial four seater hyper vehicle and in addition to the fact that it has four seeds it’s one of the most impressive hyper vehicles at any point made how amazing 1,700 pull 1,700 you folks like I can’t comprehend that much drive this is entirely welcome to the super couple on each hand all you all on the off chance that you haven’t bought in yet go click that catch right presently try to turn on the notices too so you were the first to see these inconceivable vehicles monstrous thank you to Koenigsegg for having us here today okay let me take you around.

 this vehicle shortly more detail here’s the key alright investigate this child that is the thing that the proprietor gets tightly to you’re going to open everything from the key even the storage compartment and the front the front of the vehicle the front and the storage compartment so here’s the issue in the front you can really fit one full-size portable suitcase it’s really a douche they have bended with John Olsen’s image douches that is somewhat cool so you can get how much space arrangement investigate this three full-sized lightweight suitcases look how profound that is look how profound that spaces is to go right down there is no hyper vehicle on the planet with that much space a four-seater with space for four full-size portable bags I’ve never observed this in my life this is really feels nearly not genuine how would they get that much space in a hyper vehicle we should discuss what it’s fueled by you can really observe the motor here no doubt you may think gracious look three chambers where’s the remainder of it is really a 2 liter twin-turbocharged chamber motor and afterward you’ve likewise got three electric engines there is an entire pack of stuff occurring with this vehicle so you have two electric engines here so one controlling the wheel here one conveying this wheel here and afterward you have another electric engine simply here you can’t see.

it’s around this current fish’s situation here thus you have electric engines you have turbos and you have a three chamber motor that really sounds fantastic gander at this the fumes is really coming over here on the top that is truly cool and you have like this Akrapovic we’re going to converse with christian concerning why they didn’t simply make it a completely electric vehicle seventeen hundred watts power the most impressive hyper vehicles coming out now available are completely electric so I’m going to ask him for what reason he did that and really he has an extremely decent clarification for why that is somewhat in light of the fact that he despite everything needed to have an astounding sound you know we as a whole love that brutal set that was the vehicle turning on outside what I love about what Christian does is there’s in every case some development he doesn’t simply work like a v8 in ER and go blast there you go there’s a Koenigsegg no there is such a great amount of occurring here that just never happened all together in a vehicle before right we should look at it on the inside come around here glance at how much room you have this is insane right so four seats you may think I’ll realize.

 this is going to be a crush it’s not goodness my god alright I need to rests level like this to arrive at my feet right to the furthest limit of the lodge correct so you could really fit more baggage down there and never at any point think about it you wouldn’t contact it with your feet and simply look how present day and monstrous this amusement screen is here in the front simply going to push the seat ahead so here it’s on seat settings here we go this one see look you’ve despite everything got a ton of room here for the front traveler and now see this present that is extraordinary you can fit four full-size grown-ups in this vehicle see what you have in the back here also this huge diversion screen too in the back you have eight cupholders why on the grounds that every traveler here gets a cup holder for warm beverages and cold beverages so it has adaptive padding seats so it molds to your body and it’s entirely comfortable like I need to state that no it’s soft and like a four-seater hypercar doesn’t work yet it does it’s truly.

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unbelievable what they’ve done here and glance in the back you’ve even got little arm rests these are their little crisis pounds so you can take them out and you can crush your way through the glass on the off chance that you have to get out you’ve additionally got remote charging for your telephone you simply put it here this vehicle accompanies Internet right so when you get it accompanies a SIM and you get boundless web in the vehicle so you can simply surf around on this infotainment screen in the front and furthermore in the back in nations where this is permitted this would remain with no guarantees however on the off chance that it’s not yet permitted in the nation where you live we’ll simply furnish you with like somewhat an accessible sideview reflect so we’ll just effectively connect on there so then when your nation authorizes something like this you can just effectively reattach this side view camera as opposed to having the mirror this window is isolated better believe it that is on the grounds that solitary this bit of the window descends and that is in such a case that you have this entire bit of the window descending into the entryway here you wouldn’t have as much space for this enormous air consumption come go along with me Wow envision simply envision this is the side view reflect that we were simply highlighting look this huge screen and do you recognize what I truly like about.

 this is we’re so used to looking thusly to check what’s going on in our side view reflect they’ve set it precisely in that position so you don’t need to relearn where to look you know a great deal of different vehicles where they’re doing this they place these screens up here or Fiat so you need to relearn to investigate the upper here you can simply look and it easily falls into place so envision this 1,700 torque in your grasp folks zero to 100 in 1.9 seconds the Hut is frenzy the range get this a thousand kilometers that resembles a range that we’ve not found out about but at this point interestingly, you can travel as much as 300 kilometers an hour in completely electric mode you could never at any point utilize that like in what world you travel 300 kilometers an hour so you can truly simply be driving this around in full electric mode as much as 50 kilometers right.

that is the range in full electric mode and afterward after that the motor kicks in and the full range at that point is stretched out to a thousand kilometers there’s a little beginning/plug button up here they’re really going to play with the size of that that may expand in the last form of this vehicle just to make it somewhat more articulated and afterward you have this cool screen here that really moves consider that to be as you move the directing wheel it moves with your view so you generally got the speed the correct far up they need this extremely drivable so you can really raise the vehicle and lower it so you can ensure that you can get over hindrances without scratching the front the precarious well there you go gracious hello see that goes a suspending camera hello folks this is Kristian von Koenigsegg.

 he is the originator and CEO of Koenigsegg really I need to find in the rear of the vehicle with you in light of the fact that unexpectedly we can find in the rear of the Koenigsegg totally will we should we should do it take a gander at these folks so we’re discussing a four-seater hypercar and look how agreeable it’s not awful at all I mean you’re a serious tall person I’m one meter 84 centimeters and you’re very comfortable right I mean your legs not in any event, contacting the front seat that just baseball have support under my legs I have two cup holders one hot one cold this is significant and I was discussing the armrest here too like little subtleties like that simply make you much more agreeable in the center fowls are perusing lives ISOFIX for your youngster seats envision as a kid growing up and being driven around in a window ornament precisely what that is franticness why a four seed up so I had this fantasy from around 2003 we had our first child my better half and I would in 2001 right at that point obviously we presumably have more children we thought in 2006 we have our subsequent child right and a great many people by then need to sell their hypercar and purchase the minivan you’re figuring how might I make something that has everything of the vehicles will make it today however make it pleasant for four people and without weakening.


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