Future Mercedes S-Class with Nico Rosberg

presently deal Nico Rosberg are shooting with him today look how energized he is on the grounds that he’s around an electric vehicle since God cleaned the grin of his face he’s completely into an electric future so we thought we’d approach Mercedes and take a gander at their sort of vision for the future and electric vehicles this is the vision EQs so it’s sort of looking to what the S arrangement would be in future alright I’ve gotten him he’s put his camera down he’s a youtuber now folks so’s it’s sort of connected to you more often than not currently right alright so you’ve surrendered your camera in spite of the fact that you’ve despite everything got two additional cameras prepared somewhat baffling news we’re not permitted to go inside goodness I realize I realize I am disillusioned I truly thought at this point like everything you can open anything I mean like every one of them they likewise disapproved of me so what we’re going to do is I’m going to really fly back this is going to Tokyo in a month’s time so I’m going to travel to Tokyo only for this vehicle are you doing this no doubt definitely and they’re going to open the entryways and we can drive it through Tokyo so you see no doubt no doubt no doubt no doubt you wanna come no doubt I wish I’m acceptable it resembles no doubt why not notice why my significant other is going to state are you hitched you’re going with Alex to Tokyo to drive the EQs to Tokyo not going to happen no so I simply need to discover you so Anika is obviously a f1 champion 2016.

 he’s presently situated in Monaco where precisely 31 Avenue Boulevard misuse enchantment is that genuine no don’t go there you won’t discover him it’s not going to be that simply even exist yes it does gee golly no you’re too energized so no sincerely I love it what’s your impression this is difficult to audit truly on the grounds that you can’t peer inside you can’t see a considerable lot of its highlights yet fan by and large love the shape you can simply say it’s wonderful from out from outside no doubt and accept that Mercedes is going to make the innovation great too please women put stock in Mercedes very decent here isn’t it sort of blurs into the glass there I love anything new I love all the things the cool stuff that individuals concoct break new ground I love this visualization may be on the headlights Allah grams individuals so pause and talk hold up there you go there you go that is nuts that is decent that is cool those total notes and afterward a sort of like blurs away and furthermore shows you the battery life of the vehicle it comes up like in revolution and afterward this entire front here lights up which is truly cool too yet it’s not doing that correct now I don’t realize I have to look like to click my fingers or something like your enchantment no doubt the line I find extremely delightful presently I’m attempting to recollect what this helps me to remember it resembles a like a c63 – Jase energizing I’m attempting to attempting to recall from over and down right it sort of goes like .

this shouldn’t something be said about within well I like the bright lights I believe that is a pleasant component I have to move them out so you can accommodate your legs in yet I like that I’m generally so frustrated that they never really make the vehicles the manner in which the idea vehicles are that is so eating I never comprehend on the grounds that they’re so cool without fail and afterward the genuine one comes out and it resembles gracious no doubt they did that you know we’re great that would be EQC gracious yes in idea extremely inside was very like this really was and afterward the genuine one comes out and it resembles ordinary didn’t change much from the from the from the GLC do you recognize what I love about electric vehicles coming out now is that they do sort of look like contact vehicles no doubt there’s a push there truly push the structure boundaries while with the typical sort of petroleum motor vehicles they don’t push it that much they come out with an insane idea then they sort of pull back more often than not however it’s likewise acceptable it resembles little organization new companies you can simply go crazy and do anything they desire I believe the facts demonstrate that laser assumes a major job so we should examine the back along I can contact to any couple there you go well that is energizing that is energizing it’s really hold it resembles somewhat red light behind there that is cool goodness I truly like you can see it better from this side on account of the lights.

 this light here and afterward these inner lights here glance at that that is truly cool I get energized by the little things have you driven home with mirrors like that yes I knew about the Lotus Haslam or the abaya and furthermore similarly as you truck I haven’t driven that yet you have is it our new channel no doubt go look at it on it so really is it not yet Oh coming before long coming soon he’s as of now picked it so we’re not goodness my god months prior hello missed it I’m going to take it out too you better proceed to look at your own video that it’s extremely off-kilter since it’s a screen now and it’s in a better place – clearly no doubt so it resembles down you gotta know where I doubt it they dives into the time that is genuine yet then obviously it’s amazing this gives you this gives you five percent more range I’m not mixed up no doubt they state it’s a serious huge enormous effect Bugatti vision GT so I was simply sitting in that one what they have there on the scramble right is they have the cameras on either side and afterward one of the bug and what it does is on the – it really combines each of the three cameras so there’s not a part screen so you’re seeing the entire one-hander an all encompassing perspective thank you for the word is it like that in the e-tron yes like mirrors no doubt simply computerized and steadfast I realize you have that you’re somewhat electric fan we talked about it in transit here in the vehicle.

that will be on your channel yet I simply needed to know in your viewpoint why for what reason are you such an a devotee of electric vehicle on the grounds that clearly FOMA for me the one driver most importantly I love the exhibition on the grounds that the electric vehicles were getting 2,000 strength 2,000 increment these folks impractical so 2,000 words for each hour the increasing velocities are totally never observed stuff and that is the by means of the Remax e2 for instance Pininfarina Bautista and a couple of you what you’re looking to possibly get so what were you saying 1.8 seconds or 1.8 five seconds that is my in a f1 vehicle I used to do 2.6 in a f1 vehicle race start greatest force 2.6 and I for the most part thing off on this thing you shave off like 30 percent this thing will do 1.85 even I think my stomach is even go out the back no doubt it’s going to be so stunned the one time I was in a Tesla I think it was 2.3 seconds zero one two point one no sorry you’re directly about 2.3 right yet you truly need to pour it you need to get ready for the quickening you need to put your head on the on the headrest and take the plunge in the event that you don’t do that you truly hammer your head in reverse it is so speedy folks in this measure of time here a hundred and that is the thing that I love about electric vehicles right yet in addition the potential for constructive effects for the future presently OK this is somewhat dubious how about we address this since I realize business is the route there no doubt yet for the second so don’t questionable alright how about we talk about this simply verifiable right it’s a supercar blondies realities are coming right now why Nico is all electric vehicles .

I likewise love cross breeds indeed individuals state right an electric vehicle today isn’t more ecologically neighborly than an all around made petroleum vehicle on account of how power is as yet created directly in power plants and so forth and so on anyway I believe we’re both on the same wavelength here where it’s likewise a psychological move and it will require some investment for individuals like us to become accustomed to driving electric vehicles and furthermore acknowledge that electric vehicles is the future so on the off chance that we do that is to change now in the event that we get individuals used to that change okay we’re as of now tolerating half breed vehicles electric vehicles they’re cool we should pass when power is produced in a protected manner and all the more earth supportable way will as of now be utilized to the electric vehicles right precisely and that is the place the huge switch is for safeguarding our planet when all the vitality sources become inexhaustible that’s right then electric portability will be quite a lot more practical than anything a diesel or petroleum vehicle can do today yet and that is the thing that we have to get to and we have to simply kick off that correct presently right that is what we’re doing well no doubt precisely we’re certain no doubt reman and they took a gander at EQs no doubt electric vehicles like when gracious state no state when the main sort of huge crossover came out the Prius we were only sort of retched in our mouths and you said no.

 we don’t need mixtures since they’re damn revolting then what happened was this significant move Tesla came out and afterward it was too brisk and everybody resembles goodness my god it’s the fastest vehicle available so cool so cool and afterward what’s happened is currently they’re excessively snappy yet they likewise look precisely so we have like the Kela combo no doubt despite everything need to get the cost down and still need to build the range once those things are done at that point it’s going to take off are you going to are you looking to quite fabricate your own it is anything but a second no right now since it’s too huge a crucial obviously are you would you be in I can’t discover Europe I mean for me that is somewhat one of my objectives actually no doubt I just I recently said this is selective restrictive news no doubt that is one of my objectives so perhaps we can make like a Nico Rosberg Super Cup on the supercar lol would sound truly magnificent marvelous arrangement accomplished how about we move in the direction of it who needs one decent return three requests adjusts you get 10% off pre-arranges right now deal I imagine that is.


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