At Cargill,As we work around the clock every day to support our workforce, suppliers, customers and the communities in which we live and work, Cargill draws on our decades of experience navigating major global issues to mitigate the ongoing impacts of the pandemic.

Agriculture: Cargill interfaces makers or grain, oilseeds, and other agrarian wares with clients through preparing, promoting, and appropriation. The organization additionally interfaces yield and domesticated animals makers with ranch administrations and items.

Animal Nutrition and Protein: The organization serves makers in a scope of creature food administrations, for example, dairy, pork, and pet food, alongside meat and poultry items to various food organizations and retailers.

Food: This fragment serves food makers, foodservice organizations, and retailers food and refreshment fixings and administrations.

Financial and Industrial: Along with food and horticultural items and administrations, Cargill likewise furnishes its clients with exchange related budgetary arrangements and hazard the executives administrations.

Cargill Cotton

Cargill’s cotton activities have attaches going back to 1818. With tasks in India, the United Kingdom, Africa, Australia, Turkey, Brazil, and China, Cargill Cotton has a nearness in each cotton-delivering and cotton-devouring area of the world. It works distribution centers in the United States and Brazil and uses its huge coordinations foundation to convey the item around the globe.

cotton Cargill

Cargill Cotton purchases cotton all through the world and has in excess of 1,000 workers. Through associations with other Cargill organizations, Cargill Cotton gives a wide assortment of gracefully chain bolster, for example, monetary arrangements, chance administration, quality control, and coordinations.

The division expected the name Cargill Cotton in 2002. Prior to this, it worked under the name Hohenberg Bros. Co. Cargill Cotton is headquartered in London.

Cargill Ocean Transportation

Situated in Geneva, Switzerland, Cargill’s Ocean Transportation has numerous areas worldwide and has an armada of many vessels shipping a huge number of huge amounts of load every year. The organization makes a large number of port brings every year to more than 700 distinct ports the world over. Iron metal, coal, grain, manure, and sugar speak to quite a bit of Cargill’s payload, and the organization can move more than 100 other dry mass items.

The organization likewise offers big hauler cargo delivering administrations for unrefined petroleum and oil based goods. Cargill keeps up that it is focused on securing the earth utilizing sheltered and productive ships, and exploring and growing new advances, for example, SkySails, which uses wind power.

Cargill Cocoa and Chocolate

Cargill’s Cocoa and Chocolate organization works along the whole cocoa flexibly chain, with sourcing and preparing activities in the Ivory Coast, Ghana, Brazil, Cameroon, and Indonesia. The organization delivers a wide assortment of cocoa and chocolate items in Europe, North America, and Brazil under the Wilbur, Peter’s, and Veliche brand names. Cargill likewise gives items utilized by food organizations around the globe.

chocolate Cargill

The cocoa business faces a few difficulties that undermine the gracefully of the product. Most of the worldwide cocoa crop originates from little homesteads in developing markets in West Africa. The greater part of these homesteads were set up numerous years back, and now have maturing, less-gainful trees. Anticipating overall interest for cocoa and chocolate to build, Cargill plans to give rancher preparing, network backing, and homestead advancement to improve manageability.

Diamond Crystal Salt

Cargill is the biggest supplier of salt in the United States and markets an assortment of salt items through its Diamond Crystal brand. Cargill first entered the salt business when it obtained mineral rights in Belle Isle, Louisiana, in 1962. The organization likewise obtained various stone salt mines over the United States in the decades to follow and multiplied in size with the securing of Diamond Crystal from Akzo Nobel Salt in 1997.

Diamond Crystal Salt

Precious stone Crystal produces salt at rock salt mines, vanished salt plants and sun based salt activities at a few U.S. areas and in Australia. It additionally collects salt from seaward areas, for example, Bonaire and Venezuela. The organization delivers, bundles, and ships salt for agrarian, food, water molding, modern, and bundled ice control purposes.


Grown mutually with Coca-Cola (KO), Truvia is a zero-calorie stevia-based sugar substitute advertised via Cargill as a tabletop sugar and food fixing. Since Truvia originates from the stevia plant, Cargill orders the item as a characteristic sugar. Coca-Cola utilizes stevia in its Coca-Cola Life drink brand.

How we work

We work close by ranchers, makers, makers, retailers, governments, and different associations to satisfy our motivation to feed the world in a sheltered, mindful and feasible way. Together, we make efficiencies, create developments, and help networks flourish.

We offer info, ability and hazard the board instruments to ranchers little and huge, helping them support their efficiency and earnings. We purchase their yields and creatures and carry them to business sectors around the world.

We process a wide scope of farming items into the food, feed and fuel the world needs, moving them to the spots they will be devoured.

We collaborate with the world’s driving customer merchandise, café and retail brands to make inventive items that serve the changing estimations of purchasers all over the place.

We support animals with spearheading feed items and work with ranchers and researchers to guarantee animals’ prosperity, so as to reasonably satisfy developing need for animal protein around the world.

We get together with network pioneers, non-benefits and others to advance the spots where we live and work, fabricating a solid, reasonable future for farming.

Meeting Community Needs

Gathering of individuals conveying foodCargill is working with charitable and NGO accomplices to take care of weak families confronting food instability, secure clinical laborers with individual defensive gear and sterilization supplies and bolster ranchers, farmers, horticultural networks and food industry laborers who depend on the food framework for their vocations.

Meeting Community Needs

Our $35 million COVID-19 alleviation and recuperation endeavors have arrived at networks far and wide, including:

Right around 1 million individuals in Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Colombia, through gifts of 239 tons of food.

Emergency clinics in eight urban communities in Indonesia with individual defensive hardware

30,000 cocoa ranchers in Ghana with security preparing, handwashing cleansers and hand towels

Café laborers confronting financial difficulties through our help of the National Restaurant Association Foundation Employee Relief Fund.

The pandemic has tried we all, by and by and expertly. What’s more, it has demonstrated how solid our food framework and our networks are the point at which we cooperate. As people group and our clients face the antagonistic effects of COVID-19, Cargill will keep on being here to help.

Keeping Employees Safe and Sounda

GOOD_ lady with approval Our representatives are fundamental in conveying the food we as a whole need to remain solid and supported. Cargill’s first concern is to shield their wellbeing and prosperity.

Keeping Employees Safe and Sound

In organization with worldwide and neighborhood wellbeing specialists, we are constantly advancing security conventions and together are setting the business standard for wellbeing and security.

All things considered, we have not been resistant from the pandemic. At the point when it harms one of us, it impacts we all. In any case, our groups have endured and on account of their endeavors and our wellbeing boundaries, screening and cleaning measures, social insurance advantages and worker assets, we’ve confronted negligible disturbances in our creation. These aggregate endeavors have guaranteed that Cargill is a solid provider for our clients, even in these inconceivably troublesome conditions.

Furthermore, Cargill propelled the Cargill Cares Employee Disaster Relief Fund to help meet our workers’ prompt needs during the COVID-19 emergency. With $15 million (USD) in starting speculation, this store will help our colleagues explore this cataclysmic debacle while they backing and care for their friends and family.

Cargill in the United States of America (USA) is headquartered just outside of Minneapolis, Minnesota. Since the first grain storage facility began operations on the American frontier in 1865, Cargill businesses in the USA have grown to include risk management and financial solutions, animal nutrition, farm services, salt, energy, sweeteners and more.

Driving directions to Headquarters and other Minneapolis metro-area locations.

Cargill: United States
Cargill Office Center
P.O. Box 9300
Minneapolis, MN 55440

Tel: 1-800-227-4455


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