Best 50cc Chainsaw

While open air occupations frequently need a cutting tool, a few employments are a lot greater than others and require a comparably huge cutting tool. This is the place the best 50cc cutting apparatus proves to be useful as it can produce a lot of cutting force while as yet being sufficiently simple to utilize. This is the reason we set up a rundown of the 3 best 50cc cutting apparatuses just as an accommodating purchaser’s guide. We by and by feel that the Husqvarna is the top tier, yet it is likewise the most costly. Continue perusing to locate a lot.

1. Husqvarna 450 Rancher – Best 50ccChainsaw

husqvarna 450 rancher

For any individual who realizes the outside grass care showcase, it should come as meager amazement that Husqvarna settled on our Editor’s Choice best position as the best 50cc cutting tool on our rundown. As the most experienced organization on our rundown, it is likewise the best proficient 50cc cutting apparatus that we inspected too. However, it ought to be comprehended that the 20″ bar, while more than reasonable for most business ventures, isn’t appropriate for most modern level activities. This implies you ought not endeavor to fell a huge, thick tree with it except if you are an ace logger. In any case, the Husqvarna 450 Rancher is one of the most fit and complete 50cc cutting tools that we ran over.

Like Butter

By a wide margin the quality which separates the Husqvarna from different cutting tools we looked into is its capacity to create crude cutting force. To begin with, despite the fact that the entirety of the cutting tools we investigated have a similar measure of motor uprooting at 50.2cc, the Husqvarna can produce very nearly a full torque more than the following nearest contender. On head of that, the 450 Rancher is likewise ready to produce a genuinely brisk chain speed that sits inert about 20-percent quicker than the following nearest cutting apparatus assessed. The entirety of this accompanies Husqvarna’s X-torq innovation that keeps up lower outflows than most other 2-stroke cutting tools and is reasonable for neighborhood regions with stricter limitations.

Pretty Convenient

Despite the fact that the 450 Rancher can produce so much cutting force, that implies that Husqvarna disregarded the familiar luxuries. Initially, this cutting tool has various highlights intended to make beginning the cutting tool that a lot simpler start with a spring-stacked keen beginning element. On head of that, upkeep is made somewhat simpler with a motor structure that improves air filtration just as the air channel being effectively available from the head of the cutting tool. At last, the Husqvarna has extraordinary compared to other enemy of vibration highlights we found with their protected LowVib framework.


  • Has the most powerful engine reviewed
  • Has a smart-start feature
  • Has an automatic chain oiler
  • Is a lightweight chainsaw
  • Has a more efficient engine
  • Has a LowVib anti-vibration system


  • The most expensive chainsaw reviewed
  • Automatic oiler may leak

2. Echo cs-490  – Best DIYer 50cc Chainsaw

Echo cs-490

As an organization established more than 7 decades back and practicing solely in outside grass care hardware, ECHO has changed from its once business grade setup to a more shopper grade approach. All things considered, ECHO values giving a standout amongst other customer grade encounters available and incorporates various additional highlights to make utilizing their cutting apparatus simpler. Truth be told, on account of these different highlights and the consideration paid to them, we see the ECHO CS-490 as the best DIY 50cc Chainsaws we investigated.

Simple to Use

While a buyer grade cutting tool should have the option to create a specific base degree of cutting force, odds are the objective market isn’t felling Redwoods. In that capacity, these clients are unmistakably bound to acknowledge and be happy to pay for, additional highlights which basically make their experience progressively lovely. As is standard when searching for a helpful cutting apparatus, the ECHO has a simple beginning capacity with a spring-stacked force start. It additionally has a programmed chain oiler that isn’t as liable to begin spilling on its own like some different cutting apparatuses with this element.


All things considered, the most noteworthy nature of the CS-490 is that it is so natural to utilize this cutting tool for expanded periods with little weakness. A major piece of this starts with the way that the ECHO is by a wide margin the lightest cutting tool on our rundown and is likewise one of the better adjusted creation it one of the more all-around flexibility. The composite body and handle are lighter than different materials utilized, however they are likewise progressively at risk to break as well. In any case, the security of the ECHO is additionally guaranteed with a twofold post chain brake that includes a ‘peephole’ structure to give a surprisingly better sightline to the tip of the bar when making a cut.


  • Is the lightest chainsaw reviewed
  • Has an automatic chain oiler
  • Has an easy start function
  • Has a double-post chain brake
  • Is easier to maintain
  • Has excellent chain speed


  • A more expensive chainsaw
  • Not the most durable

3. Poulan Pro PR5020 – Best Budget 50cc Chainsaw

Poulan Pro PR5020

Some may be somewhat astounded to Poulan so far down our rundown, however it is imperative to recollect that Poulan really has practical experience in Industrial and Commercial-grade cutting tools. In that capacity, their purchaser grade exertion does well in certain regards yet could see to essentially improve in some others. Truth be told, it appears to be especially as though a considerable lot of similar standards which are more qualified for bigger cutting tools have been applied to the PR5020. All things considered, on the off chance that you are searching for a ground-breaking cutting apparatus that can get you through two or three difficult undertakings, this is the best spending plan 50cc cutting tool that we experienced.

Not too bad Power

For a cutting apparatus that is practically a large portion of the cost of our top pick, you know there will be something missing, yet you trust it despite everything can deal with industry guidelines. For the Poulan Pro, you don’t need to stress over this cutting tool missing the mark regarding the undertaking as far as cutting force. While the motor isn’t the most remarkable on our rundown, the transmission is as yet ready to create probably the best force that we saw. On head of that, the chain speed is additionally genuinely noteworthy which, when consolidated, make utilizing the Poulan Pro one of the quicker cutting tools we found. This is in a huge part because of the consideration of Poulan’s licensed OxyPower motor which likewise holds emanations down.

Genuinely Convenient

The greatest main problem with the Poulan Pro 5020 is that it is fundamentally more costly than the others we explored without having the option to legitimize that extra weight. At more than 15 lbs, the Poulan Pro is about 50-percent heavier than our lightest cutting apparatus explored which has immense ramifications for throughout the day exhaustion just as mobility. All things considered, there are still a lot of highlights which helps make utilizing the Poulan Pro that a lot simpler. As is standard, the 5020 cutting apparatus has a spring-stacked keen beginning framework, however utilizing this related to the security choke and the cleanse work are fundamental for appropriate working.


  • The least expensive chainsaw reviewed
  • Is a more efficient chainsaw
  • Has an easy start system
  • OxyPower engine generates plenty of torque
  • Has a double post chain brake
  • Is a convenient chainsaw


  • The heaviest chainsaw reviewed
  • Chain tightening is sub-par

Cutting Power

In the event that you are arriving at where you are searching for a 50cc cutting apparatus, at that point chances are you need an item with some genuine force. This is on the grounds that couple of 50cc cutting tools don’t as of now accompany the essential eliminating power for most positions, including proficient evaluation occupations. In any case, recall that the force produced by the motor despite everything requires a strong transmission framework to transform that power into chain speed and force. In this occasion, the force is commonly viewed as the more significant of the two characteristics as it will decide how effectively the cutting apparatus can cut when it experiences denser of sporadic examples in the wood.

The chain speed plays a factor in this too, however it is for the most part saved for the more extraordinary conditions with the normal circumstance being met by most cutting apparatuses. All things considered, in the possession of an accomplished client, the capacity to control the choke and chain speed offers more alternatives with respect to the cutting methodology and strategy. Despite the fact that not awfully normal, this is the place you can start to see individuals who use cutting tools masterfully or for different kinds of work ventures.


This is somewhat hard to rank however is unquestionably at the head of the rundown as it assumes a significant job in various characteristics to follow. All things considered, the quality the vast majority are worried about is the bar’s length which is given in inches and can run from under a foot to more than four feet. While the length of the bar impacts the size wood you can securely cut with the cutting tool, hardly any cutting apparatuses have a bar under 12″ which is about what you requirement for most mortgage holder purposes.

Obviously, the size of the bar is progressively applicable on the off chance that you have various sizes of wood to cut with littler trees and branches being more qualified cut by cutting apparatuses with a littler bar. It is likewise imperative to consider that the more extended the bar, the more clumsy the cutting apparatus which is innately less steady and less protected. In all actuality, in the event that you utilize a bigger cutting apparatus on a bigger part of lumber, the mass of the wood will help in balancing out the cut insofar as you are in any case utilizing appropriate method.

Fortunately, makers know about this issue and most incorporate enemy of payoff bars to keep the bar from stalling out in the lumber at an inappropriate edge and being taken shots back at your face. You can perceive and hostile to payoff bar by a handle toward the finish of the bar, yet this isn’t an ensured answer for payoffs expecting you to at present keep up watchfulness when utilizing a 50cc cutting apparatus.


Outside of hostile to payoff bars, various cutting apparatus producers incorporate other wellbeing highlights to help further ensure the client. One of the more related is the consideration and utilization of an enemy of payoff chain which highlights teeth utilizing a comparable plan as the tip of the counter payoff bar. Joined, both of these enemy of payoff highlights are commonly sufficient to forestall a wild payoff when utilizing appropriate strategy. Obviously, on the off chance that you utilize a cutting tool sufficiently long or on intense enough employments, you will in the end arrive at where other potential security issues start to manifest.

Effectively one of the most significant wellbeing highlights includes the chain brake which is a more pleasant method of saying ‘shield.’ However, there are various ways that the chain brake can be organized to give other security and convenience. All things considered, this is commonly a decision between the greatest measure of assurance or a superior sightline on the cutting tool’s bar. Obviously, in the event that you wear the best possible security gear, at that point there is a quite decent possibility that you don’t generally need to stress over the minor dangers forced by a transparent chain brake. Truth be told, there are really various chain brakes made so that you get the sightline without relinquishing any wellbeing.


Contingent upon to what extent you have to utilize the cutting tool for at some random time, there are various highlights which are added to make that utilization somewhat simpler. On the off chance that you include enough of these highlights together, the cutting tool being referred to can be made fundamentally simpler to utilize to such an extent in truth that a total fledgling can make sense of how to successfully utilize it with no experience and brief period spent adapting heretofore. All things considered, the greater part of these highlights are intended to improve the experience of somebody who has utilized a cutting tool previously and recognizes what disappointments are conceivable.

In this example, the absolute most baffling pieces of utilizing a cutting tool include the different undertakings you need to do when you use it. For example, gas-controlled cutting tools frequently utilize a force start strategy which can require noteworthy measures of exertion to really begin. With an end goal to ease this inconvenience, numerous makers include either a spring-stacked instrument to decrease the measure of power important to begin the cutting apparatus or even incorporate an electric-starter.


This could actually be viewed as a component of the convenience conversation, however the highlights and their belongings are like such an extent that they are frequently gathered exclusively. Ergonomics, in any case, are basically about maintaining a strategic distance from time and dissatisfaction yet are centered around really lessening the physical weight utilizing the cutting tool forces. Taking into account that 50cc cutting apparatuses are directly around the line that isolates a purchaser and an expert evaluation cutting apparatus, ergonomics is seemingly more applicable to this cutting apparatus class than for other people.

The most ideal approach to make the cutting tool simpler on your body is to just make less of it for you to need to convey. The other significant element that will fundamentally improve your drawn out experience when utilizing a 50cc cutting tool is a vibration hosing framework. Truth be told, controlling the cutting tool’s vibrations is ostensibly the most burdening piece of utilizing a cutting tool in any case, so anything that lessens the vibrations is an advantage particularly for a cutting apparatus this size.


At the point when you search for a 50cc cutting tool, it is imperative to ensure that you get the important measure of intensity that cutting tools in this class can produce. There are barely any cutting tools we found that could produce a similar sort of intensity as reliably as the Husqvarna 450 Rancher. With a motor that produces unmistakably more force than the following nearest contender, the Husqvarna can bite through wood like no other in its group.

Obviously, in the event that you are searching for an amazing cutting apparatus that won’t likewise whittle down your wallet as well, at that point we suggest the Poulan Pro 5020 with its genuine force and much lower cost. Inasmuch as you can manage hauling the Poulan’s additional load around and retensioning the sharp edge more regularly than with others, the Poulan is both a financially savvy and safe option in a costly class.


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