Beirut Explosion1

my car was down there it rolled over i think my injuries are because of the gloss the glass cut me up my car was like this i don’t know what happened i was fishing i heard there was a fire so i began to head home then i heard something explode .

then this happened i got injured this is all i know rescue work began quickly emergency vehicles converged on the site of the blast putting out fires and getting the injured to safety lebanon’s internal security chief confirmed the blast originated in the port district in a section housing highly explosive materials lebanon’s prime minister hassan dieb addressed the nation promising that the victims would get justice for what happened it will not pass without accountability those responsible for this catastrophe will pay the price this is a promise to the martyrs and injured this is a national commitment while the cause is still unknown some are already blaming the government lebanon is an accident waiting to happen in so many way so many places whether it’s public services electricity all kinds of government industries are not regulated well we don’t have like inspectors that uh so many buildings could collapse um so you know again all the problems that lebanon faces because they don’t really have a strong government that is able to ensure the safety of its citizens um .

that’s been why people have been protesting that’s why the currency has been falling so you know there’s so many possible accidents in lebanon so it’s very hard to speculate ambulances continue to arrive at the scene of the explosion there have been dozens of casualties many victims are still trapped in the rubble and rescue work looks set to continue long into the night the destruction of central beirut appeared to come out of nowhere and as the shock of what happened subsides the demands for answers will continue to grow louder al jazeera beirut


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