she’s an exemplary stunner isn’t she OK folks we didn’t design this very well dead of winter in a convertible it’s freezing it’s as of now long degrees OK here we go good alright we’re going to prepare up some speed keep an eye out watch out it’s going in excess of five kilometers an hour something you don’t generally get the opportunity to see on my channel listen it up I simply love the delightful way future get all these amazing this directing wheel is freezing by and by you need to feel my hand off in a second goodness my god so this is the mercedes maybach vision six Cabriolet it resembles the zenith of extravagance the Maybach line from Mercedes and we are sitting in one of their mind boggling idea vehicles this is a drivers may buff clearly as should be obvious it’s not something that you intended to sit in the rear of and be chauffeured you drive this and you feel the breeze in your hair okay let me clarify the vehicle a smidgen to you so for what reason is it called the vision 6c look six here on the grounds that this vehicle is really six meters in length that is an outrageously long vehicle Cabriolet here on.

the back its convertible you see the back here it sort of appears as though a yacht they needed that sort of feeling like this sort of loosened up dignified feel refined men solicit rather from like forceful and like energetic and execution based you get what I mean you have the exemplary me back straightforward grille here with the pinstripe scissors intended to help you to remember like a pinstripe suit and afterward you have these excellent like feline eyes here I’m attempting to think about the creatures this helps me to remember it’s practically similar to a feline like shark on the off chance that you could consolidate a feline in a shark yet like the teeth out look we open the entryway here that comes out and afterward in the inside here for these job rose gold accents and see how you have these little Mercedes identifications here on the season they all light up it’s a to see that it’s intended to be driven it’s not the sort of me bar that you get chauffeured in they have a variety of letter box coming out available as of late they propelled their first SUV Maeva the thought behind this plan you all is that.

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this vehicle could be viewed as lovely at whatever decade like on the off chance that you saw this vehicle around a hundred years prior it would have been delightful today it’s excellent in a hundred years time you can envision this would in any case be a shocking looking vehicle it’s work of art and its plan there’s in no way like excessively silly that would simply leave pattern simply exemplary and basic that can sort of last during that time as we proceed onward into the future inside resembles very cutting edge with the entirety of the lights here going through the middle reassure it resembles siphoning the vitality through the focal point of the vehicle here right back and afterward this is all going to be a screen right along here completely through to the front giving you what’s going on out before you realize you can collaborate with the vehicle too.

 it has a virtual attendant anecdotal SATs they’re taking a gander at four electric engines giving around 750 strength 0 to 100 in less than four seconds and the range would be a little more than 200 miles the other thing that they’re truly taking a shot at and they need to see this being coordinated in a ton of their electric vehicles in the years to come is the manner by which rapidly you can charge them right since none of us truly need to be sticking around to charge the vehicle what they’ve said this vehicle can do is give you an additional 60 mile run in merely five minutes of charge so’s correct that I mean every day you wouldn’t accomplish more than that at any rate would you working back five minutes plug it in haul it out off you go so’s okay I believe that is it you all there’s very little more to discuss on these trucks unadulterated ideas simply needed to give you how wonderful the structure was definitely we’ve flown into Germany just to film with this vehicle and another insane vehicle this one I simply needed to show you rapidly around and give you what they’re hoping to do with them mark brand in future offer the video a speedy go-ahead buy in to the supercar blondie family now I can’t get the words out appropriately.


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