Pascal’s come and I’ve driven one for truly like possibly twenty meters that is it better believe it I mean you can see you on the second you understand in light of the fact that such a significant number of recipients previously got it’s an enormous vehicle right however really the boot space isn’t that since it’s not nothing so we’ve been I’m going to fit a huge a significant bag here and afterward two minimal ones on top and afterward another in the front seat that is called shotgun in the launderette I mean truly gear like it’s that is the manner by which that is the way a bit of baggage needs to travel right passenger seat of a one and a half million dollar vehicle there you go we’re going to go to post young lady’s place today he’s being sufficiently caring to welcome us down to check whether it’s assortment you all are in for a huge treat what does it ever resemble couple hours drive well so we’re driving craftsmen discharge with walk the air terminal there what’s happening no doubt we have the air terminal and you will see an extremely unique vehicle there extremely after that we go to the assortment alright and you get a vehicle for the night Oh so well we’ll be somewhat breezy for your here no doubt.

we trust the server will be following the entirety of this is an astonishment to me you all I don’t have the foggiest idea what cause they’re going to be what’s going on it won’t get exhausting today no doubt I’m certain alright well I mean look I didn’t have a clue what you’re coming to get us in this is as of now an insane shock however this is the Maybach Landaulet just 99 of these were made on the planet it’s much the same as a gigantic g-wagen I assume and in this entire back territory really falls off you see this sort of frenzy we hear that sort of all falls off and there are some delightful lie around seats in there that you can only sort of kick back and watch the world pass by yet what do you folks really use it for by and large I mean as a chopper vehicle and the van vehicle by the way folks on the off chance that you see this I are very brave coming out ensure you proceed to look at the store it is right now on lockdown in anticipation of our next dispatch we have parts and parcels and heaps of things coming I’m truly eager to show you proceed to look at it the connection to that shop is in the depiction beneath this video.

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I would adore you folks to be a piece of the supercar blondie family Wow so epic gracious man Wow OK we’re going to be chauffeured today goodness my god no chance ah I feel not terrible, but not great either unique this is so marvelous have it been chauffeured in the water left before I’m typically the one driving this feels extremely pleasant look how much space there is the thing that it is wonderful alright we should go will we 90 minutes drive take a quick trip and see the assortment I must make some noise so we need back here it’s actually very uproarious on the grounds that there’s just this Topol and that is keeping you from the it’s not so much a roadway house cleaner vehicle this is intended to resemble for cruising safaris like have it open and have a jug of champagne as we take a gander at the here is a little move here we go OK.

I can hit it we have such a significant number of recordings coming out one of different recordings prepared you all to watch to get the protection screen up this resembles a definitive chauffeured vehicle there is a little catch here this one this whimpers the screener and afterward on the off chance that you would prefer not to see through to the front you simply press this catch here and that will ice it unfrocked ice now the coolest thing or perhaps the coolest thing about this vehicle is this whole piece of the vehicle falls off so you just unclick both of those and afterward with this catch here it opens [Music] this vehicle is crazy this is additionally cool little beverages holder here is really cooled you can squeeze it on cooling in the event that you need it to get cold or you can put it on warming on the off chance that you wanna keep your beverages I’ve never observed that here you have space for your champagne and champagne glasses or your canister or anything you desire to keep in here this little compartment I don’t have a clue what fall your telephone does that fit definitely immaculate really be pleasant if that was a charger wouldn’t it these ones little golf box I’ll look all the more little beverages holders here entirely average estimated screens here you have these unfathomable rich like lazyboy seats in the back however you despite everything have the entirety of the subtleties that you get in an escort driven vehicle it’s everything about the back region being excessively extravagant.


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